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27 April 2018

Great university, with great facilities! The university is also investing a lot more for the future, i.e. an exciting project of creating a new more developed SU!!

26 April 2018

Aston university may be a small university but there is constantly something to do. It has a highly inclusive community and energetic social atmosphere. The optometry course could use some more organization in terms of posting due dates and test times all in one calendar rather than the current email hunt that students must go through now. Overall, wonderful course

24 April 2018

The campus is nice and the small number of students helps to create a community spirit but the lack of sport facilities and uni events is a disappointment

19 April 2018

Small, compact campus with a lot of green space and an aesthetic lake with a triangle fountain. I also like the use of the study booths in the library and the fact there is a quiet floor. The student union is great too, it is a little old but it is still a nice building with common rooms and a big hall where I take part in the dance sports club. I like the societies too, however I feel there needs to be more societies/clubs, for example, art, more types of dance(tap etc), cocktail society. I love the changes to the campus but I do feel that our student union is not as buzzing and social as other universities union. I think there needs to be more events and perhaps students should be asked what events they would like. Living in Birmingham we have great access to clubs on Broad Street so I think students would really appreciate the union to a space for more social activities. Overall the societies are good though and I am part of 3 which are very enjoyable.

19 April 2018

Love my course, high standard of teaching, lectures approachable and helpful, lots of practical experience. Good that the university puts emphasis on placements, a shame that these are mostly business based regardless of the course you are on; placements offered at the university are only paid if they are business/marketing placements, and lab placements are almost always unpaid. Almost no funding of societies, they rely on membership fees for everything. Almost no arts societies, such as drama, poetry, art, and music society is massively underfunded with one small practice room as its only designated room in the whole university. Overall, academic side is excellent but societies and events run by the union leaves a lot to be desired. But as Aston is a city centre campus university, it's not as important, as there is so much to do in Birmingham to make up for lack of societies and in terms of nightlife.

11 April 2018

Campus is great, facilities are great and resourceful. The students union has various activities and clubs for everyone to enjoy. The careers service is focused to encourage and help students find placements and part time jobs on campus and off. Overall really good university

3 April 2018

A small university which allows for direct contact with the teaching staff. The central location of the university makes it easy for transport to and from.

3 April 2018

The university is small but the teaching experience is great. Plenty of one on one time with lecturers who are both friendly and informative. The university is centrally located which makes for great transport to and from.

2 April 2018

Aston university is a very well established university with an extremely good reputation. Especially for my course, a Masters in Pharmacy. Although there has been some scheduling isssues and recent strikes all problems have been very swiftly resolved. Aston has a wide range of very up to date facilities ranging from its newly refurbished library to its well kitted gym. And although the current student union building is very outdated with not a lot going for it everyone hopes the new building that is currently under construction will be significantly better.

2 April 2018

Despite having a smaller campus than competing universities, Aston has great academic and leisure facilities. The campus is maintained well and the teaching staff are really helpful inside and outside classes

1 April 2018

Good lecturers but at times rather easy. The most difficult aspects of mechanical engineering at Aston it the strong emphasis on group assessments which can bring you down. The facilities at hand are good however the printing facilities lack. Over all the university has been great

1 April 2018

My university is conveniently located in Birmingham city centre making it ideal for me. The staffi the business school is extremely qualified and fantastic at teaching!

29 March 2018

Yeah I know you have to get it done and then I will do work and then I can do work and I’ll go gym tomorrow at the same place and then I’ll go gym tomorrow and then I can do it a few days later and then I’ll go gym then I’ll be there tomorrow at the same place you can come back in here tomorrow at the gym I’ll let you know when I’ll come get back I’ll be in there in soon

27 March 2018

Really good uni, lively, comfortable, great people! Teaching is quite good too though some can REALLY improve and stop being lazy. But it is a very good uni in my opinion, couldn’t be any happier

20 March 2018

Great uni but with the obvious disadvantage of having less lecturers per student. The engineering department, while dated, is on full form and is exciting. The rest of the reviews ive heard hsve been good as the business students are well catered for. Excellent location and great student hub

17 March 2018

I think it’s a very inclusive uni. In the student union people is really nice and helpful. Sometimes the career services are not really well informated, you go ask and no one knows but they try to search and solve it and communicate with you by email. Last year was more organized than this, there are not so much events are not as well advertised.

14 March 2018

Beautiful green campus, really nice in the summer as there are few green spaces in central birmingham. Pretty lake and geese which poo everywhere but produce cute little chicks in the spring so I don't mind. The main building is where I go for all of my lectures (so I've never been inside the business/optometry etc buildings). It's the oldest building but well kept inside. We make use of modern lecture theatres on the ground floor and 6th floor, and modern labs on the 3rd and 5th floors. The SU has it's own building, which currently is looking a little old, but a new building is planned to be constructed next year I believe. Currently it has a bar underground, and hall, lunch area and a little shop on ground floor, and a study space upstairs as well as prayer rooms, hairdressers, and student services. The finance team are excellent at helping you with any queries you have about paying for you tuition/accommodation etc. The placement team were really well organised and useful when helping with my applications for my placement. Quick responses to email and easy to book a one-to-one appointment. Onsite gym is available which I've heard is good but never made use of myself. The library is fantastic! During exam seasons it's open 24/7 and the staff are really helpful. Online account allows you to renew books/reserve books. Very modern interior, lots of computers and laptops available for use. I prefer the third floor which is the silent floor so I can concentrate best. Really modern building, looks impressive on the outside. I study Biomedical Science, and overall my experience has been excellent - you get so much support and help is there if you need it. The only bad thing I'd say is I expected more time in the lab plus more guidance. I'm nearly at the end of second year and don't feel confident in the lab, and don't feel I've had any good practice at the techniques we've learnt about. You get one go and that's it with everything! That's one of the main reasons I want to go on placement because I feel I'll develop my lab skills tremendously compared to what uni has offered. Overall though, the lecturers are excellent, Aston Replay is so useful for revision (an online resource that has all the recordings of lectures), the subjects are interesting, all the lecturers teach things that they have/are currently researching which I think really shows.

9 March 2018

Really helpful and all of the staff are always on hand to answer any questions. I am currently on placement and give been given a lot of support from my placement tutor who has visited my several times and able to contact regularly.

7 March 2018

The university is generally good at providing an excellent standard of education. There have in past years been issues regarding contact hours and student/staff ratios, but these have been ironed out, at least in my experience. There are many self study areas and the SU IS easily accessible and a good place to go day and night

3 March 2018

great university especially for pharmacy. lecturers are good and actually work in the field they teach.

1 March 2018

The campus is quite small but this is an asset because it is easier to get to know more people and everything is close by. The career service at Aston are one of its shining glories, they are very helpful and constantly email you with opportunities.

28 February 2018

Su was poorly run very few events. Societies very badly supported by the uni, virtually no support or funding and poor facilities for them. Standard of course was high and was very enjoyable. Not as much placement support or help to find one as advertised, especially in life and health sciences.

28 February 2018

Nice campus and facilities. Well taught course (psychology). Good location as near city centre. Some lecturers better than others as easier to understand.

25 February 2018

The location of the university is perfect and they uni itself offers so many facilities, a fantastic library and great support for education and personal needs. Although the university building from the outside doesn’t look so special, the inside is modern and pleasant to learn in. P