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23 January 2019

Standards of Aston have completely declined over the years and the lecturers offer little to no support. The facilities are okay.

23 January 2019

Aston university offers you a lot in terms of career help and on campus events. Being in the heart of Birmingham is an added bonus. However the University has lost some of its best lecturers and calibre of students are dwindling and the univeristy isnt what it once was even a few years ago.

23 January 2019

Very urban inner city university. Some very good lecturers however a lot of disruptive students. Lots of people from Birmingham and local students. Campus can become rough at night time

5 July 2018

Small campus in city centre location, great links, modern and old buildings. Plenty of accommodation within minutes which are quite pricey.

1 July 2018

Mathematics degree would not be recommended at this uni, as the lectures are not willing to help unless they can be bothered. However the university itself is lovely and would recommend for the business school

21 April 2018

University campus is nice but not enough studying places, library isn’t a library as everyone is so loud, there are some really good lecturers and some really bad

19 April 2018

Love my course, high standard of teaching, lectures approachable and helpful, lots of practical experience. Good that the university puts emphasis on placements, a shame that these are mostly business based regardless of the course you are on; placements offered at the university are only paid if they are business/marketing placements, and lab placements are almost always unpaid. Almost no funding of societies, they rely on membership fees for everything. Almost no arts societies, such as drama, poetry, art, and music society is massively underfunded with one small practice room as its only designated room in the whole university.

10 April 2018

They have far too many modules compared to other universities. Could be better. Don’t give enough support

3 April 2018

Aston is in a perfect location, being right in the city centre. You can get pretty much anywhere in a 20 minute walk. There are lots of things on campus, like a Costa, Tesco and two pubs. I think Aston as a university is very unorganised and it takes a long time to get any information if we get any at all. In terms of societies, unless you play a sport or are religious there isn’t really anything for you either.

20 March 2018

The university is great as the course has a high percentage in terms of employability after graduation and the accredit recognition. Although the lecturers can sometimes be hard to understand and so it’s very handy that we have panopte to go through the lectures in our own time.

16 February 2018

The campus is good, once you know your way around you'd be fine. The facilities are easy to acsess. However, the careers section could improve, as they are not very helpful when you need them.