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14 June 2018

Good campus, not enough staff around to meet the needs of the students. Support tutors give could be better, smaller class sizes made this easier however tutors would go to certain students over others.

8 June 2018

The university experience is brilliant, the course, lecturers and support received is incredible! The modules on the course are very well organised and structured, there is a mixture of practical and theory work and the lecturers make every lecture interesting whilst also providing a lot of support with the work and exams. They have a large student union which provide a vast range of services and encourage all students to get involved and have their say, whilst also acting on all feedback about the university in order to improve the experience for everyone!

8 June 2018

The lecturers help a lot, the classrooms are not so big, thus it helps us all interact more! We are able to speak 1 to 1 or through email about anything that bothers us or about our essays. It helps with achieving a high grade.

7 June 2018

I am based across the Cambridge campus in the healthcare and science faculties. The campuses are modern and have great facilities. I also have opportunities to access lectures and facilities at the other campuses at Chelmsford and Peterborough. One issue I’ve encountered is not being informed of classroom changes and it taking 15-20 minutes to get to then there’s buildings.

3 June 2018

Great modern campus with plenty of study space for everyone. Lots of places to socialise around campus. Thorough and in depth course, wide variety of courses to choose from. Excellent volunteer and career bureau along with new student union building. Plenty of facilities, societies, groups and activities for everyone making sure that everyone can feel included.

2 June 2018

Amazing university great help from staff members in all aspects great halls and extra curriculum activities

1 May 2018

Terrible league table rankings. Doesn’t show any photos or videos of the accommodation because it’s small, ugly and overpriced, you can also shit, shower and wash your hands at the same time. Most people laugh when they hear ARU, because it is a joke. Only 1 out of 5 lecturers I’ve had this year have used lecture capture. It’s a very useful resource for looking back on lectures. It’s a small uni, which means it is a closer community and it’s easy to get to know people. Unfortunately, everyone can also know your business as gossip travels fast here. The SU is a joke, there’s barely any societies and the ones that do exist seem to do barely anything compared to other unis. Don’t even try to park at uni or around Chelmsford. Parking is overpriced and impossible to get. I was told I couldn’t get a parking space within the uni although I’m a secondary career to my dad and have to drive back home to help. There’s apparently “no spaces” yet there’s actually loads in the student village. Oh, and students can’t park in the student village but lecturers can - what a joke!

29 April 2018

Best ever Students’ Union, super helpful in any circumstances! Offers students a wide spectrum of job positions. Both on and off campus. Gives students an opportunity to become better in what they do.

26 April 2018

I’m in my first months of uni. I started the Foundation in January and till now I’m really liking the school. The teachers are really nice and help as the staff of ARU. The campus is affordable, spacious, comfortable and tidy. So many ways to work, to have access to different resources, computers and books. The student union is friendly and approachable. I don’t have any complaints for now.

25 April 2018

The campus is in town which is good when I have long breaks I can walk around the shops and waste time while waiting for my next lesson. It’s a small uni so I don’t have a fear of being lost.

24 April 2018

The uni as a whole is good, the course I do is interesting and I've met a number of like minded people and made many friends through it. They also have a great approach to mental health and have qualified counsellors and de-stress days. However, due to ill health, I've missed quite a lot and may have to retake the year because I haven't really been able to get responses from tutors for meetings to discuss the situation. Overall though, I would recommend coming here.

23 April 2018

Couldn’t fault it. Good one to one as it’s smaller university. (Peterborough campus) very knowledgable lecturers

23 April 2018

Because the university is small (Peterborough campus) you get more one to one time which helps a lot. The lecturers are very knowledgeable!

22 April 2018

The campus is a bit too small for my likening (Chelmsford) but they're slowly expanding. However, the campus is extremely modern and a stones throw from town so that's great. The people are a solid 6/10. Course is really good although again not many people. The SU is run by absolute radical leftys, so pretty standard for a uni nowadays unfortunately. Although, I'm blessed to have the opportunity to be at ARU and the teaching is of great quality, so too is the library, which is essential what I'm here for! 4* for me.

22 April 2018

Anglia Ruskin, in my opinion, is one of the most modern yet friendly unis I know of. I’m coming to the end of my 2nd year of law at Anglia Ruskin and am still loving the uni life! From the easy to access restaurants and clubs only a 10 min walk from the main campus to the open and modern design of the campus; Anglia Ruskin has it all! All these qualities are complimented by the sincere and thought-engaging teaching of the lectures. All my lectures display genguine interest in their field of study and have always been available to help me any time I needed them. The varied amount of societies are also a winning factor for this uni. They give a broad display of the representation of different cultures and religions and really make a students feel at home at the uni. Lastly just going to say I would definitely recommend Anglia Ruskin and am glad I made it my UCAS choice.

14 April 2018

Biomedical Science course has all the relevant modules which - for the most part - are well taught. We have some real excellent lecturers who go the extra mile to help and support your learning. Some lecturers are not as good and read off the board (pet hate). Plenty of societies and sports to join. Campus is an okay size and has everything there. New science building is awesome!

12 April 2018

I enjoy every aspect of university life. The lecturers and students here are very helpful and friendly. I found it easy to fit into my new home easily as I felt very welcomed by staff.

12 April 2018

My university is pretty good. It could be better teacher wise. I feel like the lefturers only read notes off the slides , so majority of the time I don’t really attend due to that - I can really just do it at home. There never seems to be computers when deadlines are approaching, how am I meant to complete my work if there isn’t really any computers , I just automatically lose motivation. The course is decent , but I also feel like practicals would make it more enjoyable , as I feel like I’m not learning much.

12 April 2018

Overall my uni experience was very psoitive, a huge amount of support from lectures who showed great passion in developing the students. The facilities themself were a little old however this didn’t put me off attending the university.

12 April 2018

The course I'm on is very intense and in-depth Not exactly what I wanted but I got the option to change my course. It's also a great place to network.

10 April 2018

Lecturers rarely showed up to my lectures. One of my lectures was an hour away driving. Passed every module and was then not allowed into year three because of a module in year one that I had never sat due to a family funeral Total load of rubbish. Still paying the debts now!

9 April 2018

Anglia Ruskin Peterborough. Small campus but facilities are ok. Sometimes we come in to lectures and there are no lecturers. Very disorganised. Had 3 tutors within year 1. Careers fairs keep getting cancelled

8 April 2018

Nice uni , well prepared and helpful lecturers. Good communication between uni and students . Loads of interesting activities.

8 April 2018

It’s teally beautiful , it has state of the art facilities I study mechanical engineering and all the equipment used like the tensile machine and 3D printer are really expensive but our uni provides it to us for us to have the best experience , there are a lot of people from different cultures hence we make friends from all over the world I myself am from India and it’s great seeing that Anglia Ruskin embraces all cultures , the teacher are amazing and so is the food. I love studying here