Survey FAQs

How do I take part?

Go to, sign up with your email and then complete your profile!

How old do you have to be to join?

16+ years old

I live outside of the UK, can I join the panel?


How does the £10 credit sign up bonus work?

When you sign up to the panel you will get 1000 credits added to your account. Once you get to 2500 credits you can cash out a £25 Amazon voucher.

How do I update my details?

It is really easy to update your details, just go to the ‘profile’ section of the surveys tab, update any changed details and then click save at the bottom.

How will I receive a survey?

As soon as a survey is available for you, you will receive the survey on your portal and/or via an email. You must complete your profile before being able to access any surveys.

I have completed a survey but my credit amount has not updated

It takes 7 days for credits to appear in your account, this is to allow our team to check responses.

Why are there are no available surveys in my account?

Surveys are sent out based on information in your profile, this is to ensure that you only get surveys that are relevant and interesting for you. It might be that currently there are no relevant surveys for you to complete, but there will be soon!

How often will I receive surveys?

This varies as it depends on the type of research we are running and the audience required for this. We want to make sure that you only get surveys for you, sometimes this can mean that there are gaps.

How much is each survey worth?

Surveys range in credits depending on the length and complexity of each survey. The longer the survey the more credits it is worth as we value how long they will take you to do.

How can I withdraw my credits?

Credits can be withdrawn when you reach 2500 - this is the equivalent to a £25 Amazon voucher.

I have withdrawn my credits, when will I receive my voucher?

A member of our team will be notified and you will receive an email within 10 working days with your voucher.

Why haven’t I received 1000 credits for filling in my profile?

You must fill out the entire profile form and press submit to receive your credits. These should then appear instantly in your account. 

My details have changed, how do I update these?

Go to your profile in your account and update any changed details, this is super easy to do.

Why was my account deactivated?

Your account may have been deactivated if you have not log in for a long time or if you have submitted inaccurate data.

Will I receive any spam?

We will not send you any spam, we will only send you research-related communication as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

Is the Student Hut panel real?

Yes we are, we are a business, part of Natives, based in Brighton, UK. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].

How do I leave the panel?

If you want to leave the panel please email us at [email protected] to let us know. We will be sad to see you go.