Top Phone Contracts for 2020

Top phone contracts based on student reviews collected over 2019.

Want to know what the best phone contract for students is? So did we. So we asked them. We surveyed 250 students on our Student Hut Opinion Panel to bring you the best student essentials. Students ranked the best phone contracts out of 10, on things like price per-month, data allowance, rewards and network coverage. Here are the top phone contract recommendations for students, by students.

1. ID Mobile

Launched in 2015, ID Mobile offers fantastic value pay monthly phone contracts or SIM-only deals at great prices. Students are in full support of the provider, so check out what's available.

2. Voxi

Brought to you by the same people behind Vodafone, Voxi provides a range of cheap tariffs which are great for students, all with the flexibility to change at short notice.

3. O2

O2 has long been one of the most-used UK mobile providers, offering a range of deals for students as they customise their plans. And with O2 Priority, you’ll get first dibs on a tonne of music and live events.

4. Giff Gaff

Students can get a free GiffGaff sim, then choose their monthly ‘goodybag’, with flexible mixes of data, texts and minutes. Stick to your favourite, switch each month or cancel anytime.

5. Sky

This one’s for the TV addicts. Sky Mobile’s plans let you stream all their content via any Sky app, including Sky Go, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. And, the usage won’t even come off your monthly allowance!

6. Three Sim-Only Plan

If you’re an avid traveller, Three’s Sim-Only plans could be for you. Use your data allowance, call and text from abroad at no extra cost with Go Roam. Three also helps you stay on budget, as usage alerts make sure you won’t get any nasty surprises on your bill.

7. Vodafone

With one of Vodafone’s Entertainment Plans, you get a free 24-month subscription to Spotify, Now TV, Prime Video or Sky Sports. Your choice. Need we say more?

8. EE

EE offers the best network coverage in the UK and Europe, and the fastest 4G. Dodgy signal in your uni halls? EE has got it sorted. If your family is on EE too, they can even gift you their spare data. Scroll away!

9. PlusNet

PlusNet offers super affordable deals starting as low as £6! Six. English. Pounds. No scarily long contracts either - their flexible 30 day plans allow you to switch whenever it suits you.

10. Tesco Mobile

Get a shiny new handset with no upfront cost, and a plan to see you all the way through to graduation. Or if you’re afraid of commitment, you can even go the ‘no strings attached’ route with a SIM-only plan. Perfect!