Top Cities for 2020

Top Cities based on student reviews collected over 2019.

Want to know what cities students love to visit? So did we. So we asked them. We surveyed 250 students on our Student Hut Opinion Panel to bring you the best student essentials. Students ranked the best cities to visit out of 10, on things like the cost of flights, the weather and the experience. Here are the top city recommendations for students, by students.

1. Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague offers not only an extensive history but a host of fun activities to enjoy during your stay. A tried and tested student holiday hotspot, it's well worth checking out.

2. Budapest

Situated on the river Danube, the Hungarian capital is a must-visit destination for many students. From nightlife to art galleries, Budapest has it all.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona is known around the world for its amazing culture and even better food and nightlife. If you're looking for restaurants, sightseeing and sunny weather, the centre of Catalonia might be the destination for you.

4. Lisbon 

Hailed as ‘the new Berlin’, Lisbon has thriving arts and music scenes, set against the backdrop of sunshine, cobbled streets and colourful architecture. Plus, cheap flights and cheap beer – what more could you ask for!

5. Porto

Part sleepy fishing town, part lively cultural hotspot, Porto has something for all students. With tasty local food, renowned street art and stunning ocean views, it’s one of Portugal’s hidden gems.

6. Antwerp

Antwerp is Belgium’s capital of cool. Soak up the culture in this fascinating medieval city, with its world-class museums, hip cafes and buzzing nightlife. Easily accessible by Eurostar, you can travel there and back in a day, and it won’t put you out of pocket.