Top Streaming Services for 2021

The top streaming platforms based on student reviews collected this year.

Want to know which streaming service offers the most binge-worthy content? We did. So we asked our community. We surveyed 250 students on our Student Hut Opinion Panel to bring you the best streaming platforms.

1. Spotify

Everyone and their nan is on Spotify these days.

The Premium student deal costs less than a fiver a month, and they'll even throw in a free Headspace subscription for all your wellbeing needs. Avoid those annoying ads and unskippable songs with one of the most-popular music apps.

2. Netflix

With Netflix Party, you'll still be able to rinse your favourite series with your friends without needing to go to the trouble to sync-up the audio and video.  Share a subscription with some mates to stay within budget!

3. Apple Music

The majority of us have iPhones, so Apple Music is a super-convenient way to listen to all your favourite songs from your phone. Sync up to your Apple Watch, iPad or MacBook, too.

4. Disney+

Lockdown has inspired a lot of us to watch more TV, and Disney+ offers just that. With so many great Disney movies and series, from classics to new releases, it's well worth the £5.99 a month.

5. Hulu

If you're looking specifically for an American TV show that you can't seem to find in the UK, Hulu's your best bet at only £5.99 a month.

6. StarzPlay

The USP of StarzPlay is that you can download American TV shows and watch them offline, allowing you access to your fave shows even if the WiFi cuts out!

7. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video now has a studio to match its catalogue, meaning they're now capable of producing exclusives to rival Netflix's offering.

If you've already got Amazon Prime, you'll get some Amazon Prime Video content thrown in, too!

8. Sky Cinema

You'll find Harry Potter on Sky, and pretty much nowhere else. It's a little pricier than other subscriptions, but you can tie it in with your WiFi and phone contract to cut down on cost. Plus, it's all in HD.

9. NowTV

Choose your subscription with NowTV; there are loads of passes to choose from, meaning you can pick one that best suits your viewing needs.

10. Apple TV

There are some shows you simply can't watch without Apple TV. If you've got an iPhone, you'll also be able to sync up your devices and watch seamlessly.