The Marples Norfolk Gardens

17th in Sheffield



it was ite the poeple i met there where well sick and everyone was sound but the halls in them selves wernt exactly luxury yanno what i mean it was like yeah this is alright but i wouldnt wan me nan staying there it was a bit rough n ready. fine for me yanno i dont mind that shit like yeah the bathrooms were aids n the kitchen was worse but yanno it was a laughn n if someething got broke it was like oh well its a shit hole anyway. the best bit was the fact we lived acorss from crack fucking square where bare crack heads just hung about man it was peak


The Marples is in a really good location, being a 2-5 minute walk to the main campus, 10 minute walk to the station and 5-10 minute walk into town/nightlife. The accommodation itself is reasonably priced and worth the money for what you get, the location, and the nearby shops/bars.