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18 January 2019

The facilities were food with on site washing, also a games room which was handy with a tv and a few movies to watch, amazing security who helped us 24/7 with problems with flat disturbances and disagreemenr, fab experience overall and great value for money, if it wasent so far away, id live there again. It was nice, clean and newly renevated which is alot better than some halls like the forge

18 January 2019

Incredible staff, the office and security team are incredible the sort any problems out really quickly and they are so friendly. Great facility, kitchen was better than expented with the price being paid. Nice big tv which is great for socialing. A double bed ensuite for an incredible price. The area is not bad not to rough although it's a long walk to colliaget campus .

18 January 2019

Bramall court is somewhat cheap and cheerful. It's no deluxe palace but it has an element of homeliness and has character. The rooms are clean and spacious. An ensuite is an added bonus. The main criticism I would state is the lack of washing machines and dryers. Considering how many students there are on site there should be more for them to use. Other than that great place to live close to uni and near Aldi and Asda.

20 March 2018

Staff are okay, the woman security guard is a pain as she calls you at 7 in the morning and comes into your flat for no reason. Rooms are great, price is fair and is a tidy site with parking spaces

11 March 2018

Overall good halls woth large spacious rooms and en suits that are decent. The one real downside for me about Bramall was the security there. They were very strict about noise so it was near impossible to have music on without them coming in and telling you to turn it off. Other than this it is a great hall with good Wifi and facilities too.

2 February 2018

The location is a bit out of the way but that does seem to be a lot better, it's a 20 min walk to the city campus so that's okay and there's an Aldi just down the road. The social experience is good and it's nice and refreshing to feel settled in within my flat with my flat mates and this is probably because we were all in the same boat when we first moved in but we all get along great now. My room is of a decent size and there's an en suite which is really handy so I have my own bathroom to get ready in on a morning

28 December 2017

Nice spacious flats, lovely staff, extremely secure. Only downside is the distance from the city centre- much further than all the other halls.