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7 November 2018

Quite and very safe town. Not much nightlife and variety of food. Has a large shopping center in the middle of reading.

7 November 2018

Reading town centre is home to the oracle shopping centre which has loads of great retail brands and sufficient multi storey parking. The riverside has a great value Vue cinema and an excellent selection of restaurants with aesthetic surroundings. The town centre also hosts lots more retail and eating options and friar st is the place to go for a night out.

7 November 2018

Reading town has an amazing choice of restaurants and shops for all ages. The Oracle is a prime spot for all shoppers and there are a plethora of brands available. As a student, the nightlife is great with Q club being the common favourite amongst uni students. Everything is in close proximity with extremely regular buses, sometimes as fast as every 7 minutes. The train station is modern, and easy to navigate with regular trains travelling to many parts of the country.

7 November 2018

Great for night outs and shopping however there's not a lot of options to go to for a casual hangout other than the town

7 November 2018

Decent night's out, pretty town, not too busy or quiet. The oracle is really nice with loads of places to eat and the cinema is super cheap.

7 November 2018

Town has a good range of things to do. There are loads of different shops, everything I need is in town. Food variety of restaurants. Clubs all local in same place.

7 November 2018

Reading contains many things to do including cinemas, fast food and shops. The transport links are very good with some buses coming every 7mins and a fantastic train station.

6 November 2018

Public transport does not run all throughout the night but has improved in recent years. Not a wide range of options for nights out - no queer bars/clubs. Lots of options for shopping and eating out in a wide price range.

9 August 2018

Although it can sometimes take a little while to reach certain lecture rooms, the campus is beautiful. As for the nearby town itself, there's plenty of bars and clubs with buses and Ubers running very often, even late at night. However, there isn't much other entertainment or leisure to offer other than that and a cinema (although it is a very reasonably priced one).

19 June 2018

The nights out in the city are a little different to what I expected, but once you get to know the bars around they are so cool. The shopping is good the centre is modern and there is all the shops you need. Oxford is also just around the corner and their New shopping centre is amazing. Spoilt for choice!

18 June 2018

The location is really convenient, not far from motorways, town, stations, bus stops etc. This makes it useful for getting around and learning the area but also for students to access jobs. There are plenty of clubs for a variety of audiences, located in the town centre - here also lies a brilliant shoooing centre and entertainment venues such as Vue cinema

18 June 2018

Lots of shops. Stuff to do. Near London- direct train to Paddington, Waterloo.... The buses are not that terrible. Not too far away from home (2 and a half hours ish) but far enough away that people don't visit me.

17 June 2018

Good town has pretty much everything you’d need. A lot of clubs and pubs as well as a good variety of places for shopping and food.

7 June 2018

Reading uni campus is about 25 minutes walk from the town centre and the train station, where you can find most high street shops on Broad St, in the Oracle shopping centre or in Broad Street Mall, plus department stores (M&S, John Lewis, Debenhams) and 3 pound shops. Trains to London Paddington leave every 10 minutes or so and take as little as 30 minutes.

3 May 2018

Overall I think Reading is a good location for students. It has plenty of nightlife, some not as good as others but personally I think it’s all about the company you’re with! Reading is really good for shopping, it has the Oracle shopping centre which has everything you would need. Alongside that is a the riverside which is full of your main chain restaurants and in the summer they have a beach bar alongside the river which is really nice. I feel reading has a lot going on and great job opportunities especially when they build the tube line going straight into central London.

11 April 2018

Depends what sort of nightout you're looking for as it hasn't got a huge selection of clubs but there's enough in my opinion, and the nights out are usually good although having visited other unis theyre quite small clubs which I personally like. There's a big shopping centre with Topshop and newlook and Zara and lush and office and others which is good and loads of places to eat along the riverside, literally any chain restaurant you can think of.

8 April 2018

Reading is great if you want to go out to eat! There are so many restaurants to choose from with all different cuisines and at good prices! The shopping centre is nice, has plenty of shops and you've got the river flowing through it plus they do great student lockins where you can find loads of great deals. With regards to nights out there's a couple good clubs but I wouldn't say it's the best place for a night out compared to other towns or cities. It's a big town so there are things to do and nearby you have the ice rink which is only a bus ride away and they also have ski slopes there.

4 April 2018

The location is ideal for me as I live in the town, making it easy to get to and from each place quickly either by bus or by cycling. There are to main shopping centres in Reading the oracle and the broad street mall, both have high tier stores which provided me with my every need, I have always thought the amount of good quality food in reading is bizarrely large with restaurants such as Wagamamas, Bella italia and five guys. The night life hit and miss on most nights but there are hidden gems in town, running £2 a drink on Thursday nights, which really helped. Clubs like Wild lime and Popworld always proved to be a reliable motive, with Sub 89 next door the opportunity for lively gigs. Showcase cinema is only a few miles out of town and with a relatively new refurbishment of the whole lobby effectively creating a mini mall.

28 March 2018

I attend the Univeristy of Reading and I am finally in my last year. My experience in Reading has had its ups and downs from the amazing night life and ease of study to the strenuous search for high priced accomodations. Being an international student, I have enjoyed the close proximity to almost everywhere as well as the closer proximity to London. This has made my experience special

19 March 2018

Clubs are all quite similar- same music. Nice bars. Very accessible although roads and traffic is bad. Shopping for high street brands is good but not many trendy independent shops. Eating out is good with lots of places. There is an average amount of entertainment. Good cinema. Trampoline and climbing centres

9 March 2018

Reading is a great student town with a very good university and a decent nightlife. However, in some ways Reading is inferior to other university towns/cities, in the sense that it lacks a air of culture that other places might possess and lacks activities to do that do not involve getting drunk... All in all it is a great place however.

7 March 2018

Food, shopping and value for money all excellent. Things to do and nights out less good, plenty of places to have a night out but clubs in larger cities are far better.

1 March 2018

Reading is thirty minutes away from London which makes a fun day out, the oracle has everything you need and extra student discounts

1 March 2018

The town is filled with things to do. There is a 2 shopping centres and a high street filled with lodes of shops for everything you could possibly need. Behind one of the shopping centres by the river is rows of restaurant so you have a variety of places to eat out and there is multiple restaurants of different cultures. The night life is great there is a few places to go out to all very good though they can get a bit same old. The transport is good there are lots of ways to travel around reading and the buses are somewhat reliable. However a major draw back it the price if you are a student you can sometimes get student deals in readings however everything is very expensive.