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7 November 2018

Good night out, would recommend Revolution bar, Lola los, Q club and Purple Turtle. Everything is centralised and there are plenty of places to go out for something to eat and shop, as well as there being a big VUE cinema. Travel is cheap and the train station is not far from the centre aswell.

7 November 2018

Coming from London to Reading has been such a jump for me because London is a very busy city with a lot of life. Reading is more quiet and a bit boring for me.

7 November 2018

Very good shopping with all major department stores. Lots of different restaurants and good links to other towns

3 April 2018

The transport is great, there are loads of bus services and the station is huge and always has trains running. I used to love going on nights out in first year, couldn't complain. My favourite club was Sakura, unfortunately it changed to Smash which is a bar with pingpong. I haven't been but I've heard it's fun. I'm now in my fourth year and haven't been to town once on a night out (it's April). However, I think this is more of out of my own preferences rather than a reflection of the nightlife in Reading. Shopping is great - the Oracle shopping centre and shops on the high street have everything you could need. The riverside is really pretty and has so many restaurants which is great. The parking at the Oracle is really expensive unfortunately. Not much other entertainment apart from the restaurants, clubs and cinema.

30 March 2018

Nights out are great! There are plenty of good places to drink (purple turtle being my favourite) good bands to watch! I like that the public transport can is 24 hours and you can get busses practically anywhere. If I had to think of some negatives it would be that there's not much of an arty feel! But depends on what your looking for. The people are generally friendly (although not everybody, but I guess you can't be too picky!)

8 March 2018

Amazing uni with great scenery. Not far from town centre which is great for a quick bite or shopping trip. Enjoy every minute of being at this uni.

16 February 2018

Great city! Big shopping centre where you can find everything you need, lots of student-friendly places to eat and, of course, fun nights out!

4 February 2018

A few clubs for nights out but not a lot of variety, food is mainly chain restaurants which is good for discount for students but not for nice dinners out. Lots of pubs which is great hit mainly too expansive for students. Close to London so great transport links. Shopping is good with the oracle shopping centre. Nice park on campus for walk alongside the bars and SU on campus. Housing is fairly expensive as are halls.

15 November 2017

It's very convenient to go to central London from Reading, so that's one of the good things here. We have a large shopping centre which has pretty much everything, and there are quite a few of popular places for a good meal and night out! That said, being close to London means every thing here is rather expensive, and I wouldn't say things here are good value for money!