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18 January 2019

Great location for buses going into and out of town at any time of the day (Or night). Mostly helpful reception. Really close to the post collection and the washing room. Really modern and warm in the cold months. Best accommodation for the price for sure!

18 January 2019

Good location on campus, only about a 7 minute walk from the centre but away from all the noise. In my opinion it's a little overpriced for what it is but the halls are fairly new so things are still in pretty good knick.

18 January 2019

Very sleek, clean, well sized rooms. Long bed and a large desk for comfortable living. The kitchen is well sized with three fridge-freezers (shared bathroom), two cookers, a microwave, two kettles and a toaster. The dining table is big enough to seat ten and the sofas can seat 4/5. Very social halls with a great JCR putting on a really enjoyable freshers fortnight.

17 January 2019

The location of Bridges Halls is perfect, just a couple of minutes walk to the centre of campus, and a positive for fellow art lovers as the block is just ahead of Bridges. The lay out of Bridges creates many social encounters. Social areas are not too far from Bridges, although it is less advantageous for the most popular bar - "Park Bar". Despite this, it's only a 10 minute walk and a cheaper bar "Mojos" is just a couple of minutes away. The rooms are very modern and spacious for intended single rooms. The WiFi is good, however sometimes this will be slow like any other internet.

17 January 2019

The location was ideal as it was on campus but also a short walk from the bus stops - a 10 minute ride into town. The halls were cleaned regularly in communal areas (bathroom and kitchen areas), as well as the bins being emptied frequently. Was a great place to live for your first year, made settling in a lot easier. Rooms were modern with plenty of storage space.

17 January 2019

Good halls for both first years and returners. on the quieter side of campus but still has a good social scene.

17 January 2019

Very nice rooms, they sorted out all our issues very quickly. We had a cleaner in twice a week and everything wad very modern and new.

9 July 2018

Bridges was a bit further away from the centre of campus than other halls which is frustrating at times but it is lovely to walk across the field and lake on sunny days.

2 July 2018

I stayed in Bridges townhouse which was absolutely beaut. It was close to the agric and psychology building and to main campus, which means union. Only a 10 minute walk to union meant nights out were perfect! The halls were only a year old and were modern, clean and spacious. I would recommend 9/10.

20 June 2018

Bridges is a more affordable choice to other halls and is not straight in the middle of the social hub of the uni unlike Child’s and Mackinder, beds are small but kitchens are spacious with sofas and big tables to work at

13 June 2018

Great interior, spacious rooms and communal spaces, cleaners every week too! Was easy to mix with other flats

9 June 2018

Good facilities and rooms, quite modern and plenty of space for parties in the kitchen. However, the flat had a reoccurring problem of rats which was not solved throughout the whole year, and I know they had the same problem last year. It’s despicable and my flat and I are expecting compensation. Our kitchen and 2/3 of our bathrooms have been closed at different points throughout the year due to this problem.

8 June 2018

Location is 5 mins out of centre campus - 5 min walk to two local Coops. Amazing facilities, quite expensive and en suite but love the accommodation!

6 May 2018

Rooms were lovely and spacious, bathrooms are shared (3 per flat of 10) and were cleaned twice a week. Has a very big kitchen, much bigger than other halls which was a great area for socialising. Unfortunately, like all the halls at Reading the price is very high compared to similar halls at other universities.

2 May 2018

Bridges is really new and provided loads of cooking space for 10 people in a flat. It is centrally located on campus which mad with easy to get to lectures on a morning.

21 April 2018

Despite this being my favourite accommodation, I haven’t had the loveliest year here. We were on the ground floor and have had an infestation of rats since about a month into moving in. They still haven’t been efficient enough to make sure we don’t have any more rat disturbances. This living area is a good size and I love my room. I just wish I didn’t have to share with rats.

21 April 2018

The rooms are a great size and well equipped. Three bathrooms meant that we had no trouble using the facilities when necessary. The kitchens are spacious, two ovens and hobs allowed plenty of space for everyone and there is also a nice sofa to relax on

11 April 2018

Good facilities and social aspect Could have been a bigger halls social area and more events held there for bigger groups Well kept Good space in room and size of desk Great space to socialise in kitchen Kitchen was well equipped to cope with 10 people Location was perfect 5 min walk from main campus crossing the bridge over the beautiful lake everyday Easy bus route to town and close to local shops

3 April 2018

Love the townhouses. Modern and spacious. But all th3 halls are overpriced! 12 people is a lot sharing one kitchen and there needs to be more shelves in the kitchen

19 March 2018

V good loved it would recommend toilets are good nice big pitch

11 March 2018

Bridges is ideally located five minutes away from campus, including a walk over the lovely Whiteknights lake. Bridges Hall has premium shared bathroom flats. The rooms are massive with lots of shelves and wardrobe space for storage. There is a massive pinboard beside the bed which you can decorate to your hearts desire! There's a massive desk for doing work on too. Each flat has ten individuals who share three bathrooms (a shower is in each) and this is ideal with hardly any problems. For social areas, there is the JCR room where you can go to study and chill with friends. Ice House - Wessex hall's bar - is only a couple minutes walk away which offers a relaxed atmosphere to have a drink and a break from your degree work. Again, the main bars on campus are a 5-15 minute walk away respectively.

3 March 2018

Good location and room size. Planning of kitchen and bedroom not perfect as don't seem to have utilised space well. Everything high quality and works well.

1 March 2018

Good facilities, clean and modern but poor ventilation in flat for bathrooms and hallway so smell builds up. Flat is also cold in winter as heating is hardly ever turned on and can’t be manually turned on from inside the flat

18 February 2018

The flats and the rooms are lovely and are modern and well kept, however we get noise complaints pretty much every night from being next to the quiet block and the guard room being metres away from our halls