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6 November 2018

I think the location for me is great as it is close enough to my classes, however i am not keen on the people i live therfore i avoid the kitchen (meaning i don't eat) and they are rude and inconsiderate

6 November 2018

Staying in Trafalgar Hall has so far been such a wonderful experience. The reception staff are friendly, it is in a great location (5 minute walk from Portsmouth and Southsea train station, 5 minute walk from commercial road shops, and 15 minute walk to the beach) and I have met incredible people. It is easy to get post delivered to you as we get notified through the Unite Students app and emailed to say when we have a parcel to collect, the laundry room is of adequate size (make sure to go in the evening when not as many people are there, it just means you're more likely to get a machine) with regards to the social experience of staying here, I love it! My flatmates are so lovely and we all get on so well, and if someone is doing a flat party, they will come and invite as many people as they can from other floors and flats. The rooms are quite nice, there is a lot of storage and are nice sizes. However the bathrooms are very small. You have to really squeeze past the toilet to get through the door, as the door is a push not a pull. However apart from that, I literally would not change anything apart from the fact that there is no common room. Also, one last thing, there are 14 floors and 2 lifts. This makes it easy for everyone to get around the building.

30 June 2018

Overall a good experience because of the close proximity to night clubs and university buildings. The whole halls had a water problem for the majority of the first term which left us without water for all together a week, we didnt get reimbursed for this either. We had no common room and kitchen was small. However, once you meet your flatmates it all doesnt really matter as you have the time of your life and really make memories to share. You get the classic halls experience like vomit on the stairs on a sunday morning and someone running down your corridor at 1am. Becuase of the close proximity to where my seminars and lectures were and the overall experience is one I wont forget.

1 May 2018

You pay almost £5000 for 6 months rent, the room is small and the shower is in a small washroom with a toilet and sink- pretty substandard for £5000? Also maintenance request after maintenance request, something seriously wrong with the doors and the locks in this place too.

27 April 2018

Very good location especially if your lectures are in Eldon. Probably the biggest rooms in Portsmouth, but smaller beds. There have been issues with the water supply on multiple occasions but the staff have been very accommodating with hotels and compensation. Fairly sociable but outside if the flat clusters people tend to know each other from courses or societies.

16 April 2018

Trafalgar halls is my first home in the UK and it has been a wonderful and exciting journey so far. Being an international student, I was worried about the new accommodation and people living with me. But I have been blessed with the best possible flatmates and a wonderful team at Trafalgar who has always been available to help out with anything I needed. Being in the city centre, there couldn't be a place more convenient to get to from classes or shopping or partying. The facilities provided are upto the standards and with a prompt and efficient maintenance team on site, I have never had to worry about repairs or replacements pending for days. The on-site laundry facilities are a blessing, although the prices are a bit high in my opinion. The smiling and welcome nature of the team members at the reception are a highlight to this place. I would definitely recommend this place as a home to many more people next year.

11 April 2018

The building was very close to uni, spacious and comfortable. Very sociable and kind people and staff always on hand to help. However, the fire alarm would often ring at ridiculous times.

8 April 2018

The location was great. 3-4 nearby clubs. Across the road from the bus stop (or just outside the halls). The room was okay for what I was paying, the showers were elite. The kitchen was alright but was faulty at times. Water would have to be off at hours you'd get up and get ready for uni .

2 April 2018

Great building for the price you pay, in a really convenient location (especially for CCI Students) even of some of the facilities are a bit old.

31 March 2018

Room did not get enough light, very rarely someone in reception so could not get deliveries and cleaners were rude

18 March 2018

The halls is in a great location around 5/10 mins walk to both the town and campus and less than 2 mins walk from the best night club! The rooms are a good size as is the kitchen. Maintenance are very quick to help with any issues that arise

17 March 2018

Location is great, its right across the road from the main clubs and within 15 mins walk of most major uni buildings. Rooms are very nice size and well furnished, and building staff are all friendly. However there are constant maintenance problems, some which affect the entire building, and all are essentially ignored by staff who give students next to no information and offer no kind of compensation afterwards.

28 December 2017

Good location but no receptionist on weekends. Lifts have caused problems and also no water for a whole weekend

28 December 2017

Excellent location, close to town and to all of the university buildings. Was often loud due to parties but that's probably the same in all halls. Good kitchen storage space and washing facilities downstairs. Ethernet internet but no Wi-Fi.

15 November 2017

A great introduction into university life. I was really nervous about leaving home for the first time & moving so far away. Being put in halls made it so much easier- I didn’t have to sort out bills & everything or who I was going to live with. I was also worried about having to share a toilet with strangers haha. But in Trafalgar Halls I got my own, pretty spacious room with a little wet room attached to it. So I didn’t have to share a toilet in first year - result! There were 6 bedrooms in the flat I was in, all girls but it’s a unisex halls! And then a spacious kitchen with living room area attached. The halls was fairly costly for what it was - I paid £119 a week (but think it’s gone up now!) and it’s probably not really worth that! But for first year it’s fine as you don’t have to think about bills or anything else! The location of Trafalgar is great- it’s not too close to the club strip but close enough that you can be there in a few minutes. Also there is a co-op at the base of the halls which is great! So convinient! It can be a bit like a heater at times because it’s such a big building - a bit stuffy! All in all it’s a great halls - a little pricey but they all are!