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30 November 2018

James Watson is definitely one of the more social halls in Portsmouth! What it may lack in appearance it certainly is made up in character. I'm glad I chose JW. Any maintenance requests I've had have been solved quickly, I can't fault the staff.

30 November 2018

Amazing location near uni buildings, town centre and nightlife. Having an en suite was so nice and it's such a sociable halls as you are near so many bars and clubs so people want to come to you for pres!

30 November 2018

Awesome location and unite were so good when anything maintenance-wise went wrong. Reception staff are super helpful too, overall a great experience of halls

30 November 2018

Great location for uni and close to the clubs and town. Very sociable place and front desk staff were super nice. The wifi wasn't the best at times and the way to deal with bins could be done better as living on the 8 floor the bins were hard to get rid of.

30 November 2018

Walls are very thin, can hear people in their rooms. Night club opposite keeps you up until 4am most nights. Relatively clean and tidy, but uncomfortable beds

30 November 2018

Very good location for halls, closest to lectures/ campus possibly. A good mix of modern and old style halls and a fairly homely feeling. However maintenance and general feel of the halls can tilt towards more run down sometimes with damage taking long times to fix.

29 November 2018

Loved it I liked the lay out of the hall and the rooms were always warm. The views from the higher floors were amazing

29 November 2018

Good location, close to university buildings and night life. Accomadation is good overall with all the essentials provided.

29 November 2018

James Watson was a great place to settle into university because you saw new people and the same every day and those same people would become friends. The smoking area was where everyone got to together and spoke to random people. The facilities were good but what can you expect for student halls, if I could go back I would because I genuinely miss the environment and everything about it especially the guys I lived with.

29 November 2018

James Watson halls are great for their location and interior. They are quite modern compared to some of the other halls in Portsmouth, with the location being in a central hub for students not far from Gunwharf, commercial Road and the pubs and clubs. One downfall is the cleanliness of communal areas such as the smoking areas and stairs and corridors but other than that, most areas are absolutely fine and great for first year students.

29 November 2018

Everything works perfectly and when there is a problem people are very fast to help you :) the security are also very good as they stand just outside at night making sure you are ok

19 June 2018

James Watson Halls was probably the best halls I could’ve chosen. The “strip” is literally on your door step living at James Watson. All the best Uni clubs are a 2 minute walk from the halls(Astoria, Popworld, Zanzi, Yates). The staff are very helpful and friendly. James Watson comes with 2 generously sized smoking areas with nice open views to the road below. The rooms in the flat are big enough for anyone and the en suite is a nice touch. Kitchens vary but my flat had a massive sized kitchen. Overall, a 5 star experience for me

3 May 2018

My stay at James Watson halls has been very good! Any maintenance needs have been dealt with quickly and reception staff are always available for any queries.

24 April 2018

Location is great and you do get an en suite bathroom however the fan does'nt work and you have to keep the door shut after you shower which takes ages for all the mist to condensate and clear. There is also a massive issue with bugs, silverfish in particular they are EVERYWHERE. It's so disgusting I even started finding them crawling in my bed. Maintenance take ages to sort anything out I was getting bitten at night but they never came to resolve that issue. One night i went to stay with my friends as the bugs in my bed got so bad, not what you would expect when you are paying the extortionate prices you are to Unite Students! Some of the kitchens are smaller than others so it depends on the luck of the draw if you actually get a decent kitchen size. The layout in my kitchen was terrible, not enough room for the two fridge freezers. The rooms are very dark, so if you are going to live here i would advise bring at least two lamps if you want to see anything in your room when its dark outside. Overall seriously over priced, but have met some amazing people and the parties have been lit. so yeah overall kind of shitty experience but the social life makes up for all the things that break and don't work and the reception staff are always kind especially Andy.

18 April 2018

Spacious rooms with laundry room near by. Fast Wi-Fi 24/7 and no bills to pay. Right next to the university and the clubs are a minute away. The town is also only a short ealk away eith gunwharf also near by for further shopping

12 April 2018

It's very close to most university buildings which is helpful. The social life of the halls is good. However it's too noisy at night and is difficult to sleep

10 April 2018

Flats are alright but outdated compared to other Unite Buildings, decent facilities, bit loud but is to be expected of university halls. Close to the uni and shops so good location

2 April 2018

James Watson is the funniest place I have ever lived every day is a party in this halls best believe that

28 March 2018

Average sized rooms. Would be better with a double bed. The team downstairs are always friendly, pool table area with a couple of sofas however common room areas could be bigger/better.

25 March 2018

The location is fab, about 6 minutes to get to the main university buildings. Next door to night clubs such as lyberry and astoria. Additionally, close to pubs. 5minute walk to train station. Spacious room and kitchen with ensuite. Extremely friendly staff who are always quick and eager to help. Maintenance requests get resolved quickly. Social seatkng in reception but also on the first floor where there is outside seating. Laundry room and study room on site.

19 March 2018

Its located in the best place of the area, the halls themselved are brilliant and the quality is to be desired for. Yet its worth tge money.

17 March 2018

Tiny bedroom and bed. Very small and horrible wet room for shower, no area’s to socialise, not modern at all. Very dark inside rooms, kitchen is very outdated with an incredibly old oven.

14 March 2018

The location is perfect, near to clubs, near to town and near to lecture buildings. Very socialable but with every other hall getting an upgrade to double beds, James Watson should do but I don’t think the rooms will accommodate this.

14 March 2018

The location is perfect, near to clubs, near to town and near to lecture buildings. Very socialable but with every other hall getting an upgrade to double beds, James Watson should do but I don’t think the rooms will accommodate this.