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5 December 2018

I was able to find this halls through clearing last year I lived on the top floor and had a perfect sized room with a nice bathroom and slanted roof! The room was always full of light and the building was in a perfect location. Although it's not the most social halls due to not having allocated flats and therefore flatmates that you see on a regular basis, everyone is still very friendly and it is close by to all the other halls so was easy to meet friends and easy to go back to a quiet environment! The halls was safe and had a good access to security, I would recommend not loosing your keycard as I did this on many occasions but the staff are very helpful with not making this as issue. Harry law is close to the main clubs and walkable distance from gunwarf and the town center. Sainsburys is the nearest shop only taking 2 minuates to walk here. The kitchens were also cleaned every few weeks by the cleaners whilst still making sure we had a schedual on keeping on top of hygiene in our shared kitchens. I would defiantly recommend living in these halls if you prefer to have your own space and peaceful time to study whilst still wanting to be close to everything and be able to get to other halls easily.

5 December 2018

The location of Harry law halls is absolutely perfect as it is so close within a few minutes walk to the uni, a train station, a Starbucks, a Wetherspoons, shops and even some night clubs. In terms of the rooms they are very small and basic but they have what you need and they have an en-suite rather than a shared bathroom which is good. Overall they are decent value for money.

5 December 2018

The rooms are too small and dilapidated.the bottom cover of the shower room are rotten and the bathroom is too too small in size.

5 December 2018

It is close to the train station and town centre. It is also within a reasonable distance from university buildings.

15 June 2018

The halls have a good communal feel, with corridors instead of individual self-enclosed flats, meaning it’s easier to bond with people on the entire floor. The rooms are standard size for university halls and the facilities are average. However, location is a massive plus, being found in the very centre of Portsmouth, minutes from university buildings, restaurants, shops and nightclubs.

14 June 2018

The location of the halls is great, with loads of access to the clubs and shops. However, the facilities are outdated and unreliable. The shower drains don’t work properly and you always need to turn it off half way through showers before it floods the bathroom. The bed are uncomfortable and outdated. The kitchen facilities are standard and okay. However, for a kitchen made up of 6 people there isn’t sufficient seating area which makes it difficult to socialise. These halls do not have a common room which personally I think makes it harder for people to socialise. The WiFi connection is also very poor and it can often be difficult to complete uni work in rooms because of the lack of WiFi. For what the rent is costing it is not worth the money.

25 April 2018

all the students were shouting and leaving their mess in the kitchen, they were unkind. it was very close to the uni though which is a bonus.

22 April 2018

Very unsociable halls , often isolating and no space to socialise very hard to make good friends here due to lack of space.

13 April 2018

Compared to the other halls, Harry Law isn’t good enough. There’s no common room so it’s difficult to make new friends. I would recommend staying in Greetham Street or Catherine instead

16 March 2018

Harry law is cheap- you get what you pay for. However rooms bigger than the more modern ones- just not as well decorated. Prime location- you can see the clubs and guildhall from the window. 10 mins from spinnkar. Not the nicest halls but by far the most social due to kitchen situations and the best people

11 March 2018

Had lots of problems with my door ,at one point anyone's key card could open my door making me feel very unsafe in my room and when the engineer finally came he was very rude to me making it seem that it was my fault that the door he "fixed" before Christmas was my fault.

14 February 2018

Perfect location, in the centre of the town near to all the shops and clubs, not far from campus, only fault would be some of the kitchens are oddly shaped and make it difficult to cook, especially since you share with 6 people. The WiFi is absolutely terrible, doesn't work most of the time

30 January 2018

It's good, It's close to all my lecture rooms, it's close to town and also close to all the club's so it's a cheaper night out as you don't have to get an uber

29 January 2018

In my opinion the best halls as it was within a 10 minute from most university buildings. Very good internet speeds. I recommend bringing an ethernet cable for game consoles as they don't allow you to connect through WiFi. Kitchen is fairly small so not much room for socialising.

29 January 2018

In my opinion the best halls as it was within a 10 minute from most university buildings. Very good internet speeds. I recommend bringing an ethernet cable for game consoles as they don't allow you to connect through WiFi. Kitchen is fairly small so not much room for socialising.The best thing about Harry Law is that it's not Bateson.

16 November 2017

Not like flats - Simply a floor with ~80 rooms - mix of kitchen and bedrooms with a keycard to open one of them. I like the accommodation - reasonably priced too. Also, there’s a quiet area although it really depends on who’s staying there - not completely quiet. Unfortunately there’s not a common room though

Nicole Watson
15 November 2017

Not much social space, planned events or staff. Nice spacious room with everything you need, great location.