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16 November 2018

Was the best price for what you got others were either nice but expensive or cheap but not nice. Location was good as it was close to town but also right next to the bus stop so easy to get to uni.

16 November 2018

The social aspect is so good, couldn't fault it as well as the location being a short bus journey to uni and right next to town. However often things aren't working completely how they should be, especially the lifts. The WiFi is also quite poor.

16 November 2018

Best place to live! Friendly staff that become your new family! Amazing flat mates. You get what you're paying for unlike other halls. Next to the uni bus stop, central town, so close to the beach !!!

16 November 2018

Brilliant for social life which is really what first years about, don't pick a floor with is to high as gets very very hot

16 November 2018

Great central location, co op across the road, town centre 5 min walk, Asda even closer, uni bus stop across the road (free bus pass). Also centre of all uni halls so close to other people. Lively and v good security. Rooms and flats good size

16 November 2018

The staff are always amazing and very welcoming the facilities such as the pool table and vending machine are very useful but does take all the money I don't have

16 November 2018

It wasn't the nicest halls in terms of the way it looked, furniture etc. but it was the best in my opinion for the atmosphere. If you like a sociable party atmosphere and plan to go out a lot it's a really fun place to be.

16 November 2018

The location is really good, super near to Asda and the train station with a co-op opposite. It is around a 15 minute walk to Town and the beach which is really handy. The room is really nice and can fit a double blow up bed on the floor, but you need to have a mattress topper as the mattress isn't the comfiest. The bathroom is also really small (almost impossible for 2 people to stand in it), I have seen bigger bathrooms in other accommodations. But the kitchen and living room area is a really great size!! The reception, maintainance, security, cleaning teams etc are amazing, a massive upgrade to other accommodations where the security are unfair, there are no cleaners and you are only able to pick up parcels after 3pm (Lyme Regis). Unite students also have an app which is very handy for checking if washing machines are free, and report a matainance issue which gets fixed very quickly!

8 July 2018

Purbeck was very lively and lots of fun! Great events run all the time by the team as well as small excursions too! CONS: The lifts are broken quite a lot and the standard of the rooms aren't as good as dorchester or home park for example

23 June 2018

Amazing location, friendly staff - such a perfect introduction to Uni life and get very safe at all times away from home

20 April 2018

Not the best looking halls but good location and felt secure. Thin walls and small showers but enjoyed having an en suite. Nice staff

18 April 2018

Location is close to heart of Bournemouth but kept in a quiet location away from the busy nightlife it has. Close to lansdowne which hosts a range of restaurants and other facilities. Flats are divided to A and B block, B being the most modern. Each standard dorm has 6 rooms, single bed, desk, and ensuite. There is a shared living space within the kitchen split by the breakfast bar, most flats have only one fridge, but you can request for another. Maintenence team visit weekly to check on the flats.

15 April 2018

Social experience is great as there is a lot of students living in the same building. However most kitchens are shared by 5 people. I think it would be a lot more sociable if more people were sharing a flat: the location is really good as it is 5 mins away from gym and Asda and also near the bus stop and walking distance to town. The room size and bathroom size is good. The kitchens are very spacious

13 April 2018

Thin walls, loads of fights in courtyard and aggy flat mates that use stuff and don’t wash up. Reception and staff team are very helpful and friendly though.

6 April 2018

The location of the residence is amazing, close to the town and nightlight and across the road from the bus stop. The rooms themselves come with a private bathroom but it very dated compared to other halls in the area. There are only single beds to sleep on with no option of a double. It is a very sociable halls but nothing more than any other halls for meeting people. The staff are very nice and attentive to you and any issues. Biggest downfall are the washing rooms as there is only 6 for the 500+ students living there. A lot of the time they smell or are broken and they are very costly to wash your clothes. You can only pay to wash through an app which doesn’t work half the time making it very frustrating. The staff don’t do much about the situation as the machine are run by a different company and we are just told to report the problem which takes a few days for a response or to be fixed. If I were to pick again I would definitely not stay in this halls as I think there are others in the area that have better comfort for the same value for money.

28 March 2018

The location is really good with it being really close to the town and all the clubs. The accommodation itself is of high quality with loads of activities taking place all the time for everyone to get involved in. The rooms are of a decent size. The bathroom could be a little big bigger but overall it’s a really good accommodation. There’s always someone at reception 24/7 which is really useful for example if you lose your keycard on a night out, you are able to get a new one at all times.

19 March 2018

Very close to nightlife and town centre, easy to get to uni but the kitchen is a bit dated and the ensuites aren't nice.

16 March 2018

The halls are very good , although when it seems to handerling problems in regards to drugs , they do dismiss this and make you out to be a bully

4 March 2018

Halls is one of the best and worst times, you meet new people, make friends you will hopefully have for life. However, not everyone will be tour cup of tea! The mess is just too much sometimes. The rooms are small but social areas are good. Overall halls was a great time but I was glad to be rid of my messy kitchen.

1 March 2018

Loud but overall the halls are great, when I was staying there was constant construction work going on so that want the most pleasant thing but generally the location is good, rooms are good sizes and kitchen is great

29 January 2018

Good social life and lenient staff, however could do with a touch of modernisations. Also the WiFi can be inconsistent. Inspections also seem to be hit an miss as there are signs of ware and tare around the flats that staff try and pin on residents which is not always fair.

24 January 2018

The location of the halls was great as it was a 5 minute walk from the main town centre and also the famous Bournemouth beach. The location meant it was easy to go out on nights out and even grab shopping as again you were 5 mins from asda. The halls themselves we're also nice as I was fortunate enough to live in a refurbished 10th floor ensuite flat with a sea view. The social buzz and the party environem meant making friends was easy and intergrating into uni was a breeze.

24 January 2018

Best halls in Bournemouth or closeness to night life and bus routes. But the company behind it, Unite will bleed you dry of any money you have. Be weary when you move in and take photos of everything. But apart from that it will be the best experience of your life!

2 January 2018

Purbeck house was a brilliant experience. Good location, room, staff and service. Cleaners and extras such as a hoover per flat were a bonus. The only issue would be the thin walls but considered the loudest halls, this was to be expected. The price was also reasonable