Woolton Hall

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2 November 2018

Catered hall. Large rooms. Lots of communal spaces. Good support from staff. Food could be better, and badly timed. Quite expensive.

23 April 2018

Woolton hall was a good place to get food cooked for you. The social aspect was heightened by communal meals however the tiny kitchens meant that we didn’t get to properly meet the people on our floor unless we knocked on their doors. Rooms were huge and toilets were cleaned well and never had to wait to use a toilet or shower.

25 March 2018

We have 3 pianos, free pool table, free table tennis, and big rooms - it's honestly one of the best halls in manchester. It's constantly surrounded by nearby flat parties and the food in our catering halls is usually decent. Who doesn't like waking up to a full english breakfast every morning?? For everything that woolton offers to you, it is definitely worth its price.

4 March 2018

Great sociable hall, food is decent, nice big rooms, quiet at night for good sleep. Free ping pong and pool table, 3 pianos and 2 big tv screens.

4 January 2018

Very sociable with Woolton bar being a place where everyone can relax, play pool and drink. ResLife team were great and lots of good socials were put on. Rooms are old but very big so leaves a lot of space for friends to come in and chill.

2 January 2018

The location of the halls is great, Fallowfield is defintely the place to be. The food is okay, they have a range of choices and the salad bar is great however the food does get a bit samey after a while and wasn’t always the healthiest