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30 June 2018

It was overal a good halls as there were a lot of entertainment put on like a photo booth and pop up stalls and veg markets on so in this aspect it was good. Furthermore the cafe and the computer cluster were fairly good facilities and were useful when it came to studies and easy accessibility. The washing machines were awful however they never worked properly and the drier were even worse. Plus there were never enough to accommodate so many people. The halls location was okay - had to get a bus which took 20/30 mins but lore of friends uni campuses were right near the uni so this made me think it could have been cheaper. Overall the halls were quite expensive and although the food was included there was never any variety. Furthermore the rooms Ben selves were very old and outdated. The housing were very disgusting and the toilets were Even worse. My back was eternally sore from sleeping on the beds.

30 April 2018

Great social experience. Rooms are really spacious and comfortable. The food can be really good but slightly overpriced.

22 April 2018

The location is very good, Fallowfield is the most popular place to live. However the halls are outdated, there were mice and the place looked tired. Overall the food is okay, I would recommend to someone else, just for the social aspect.

21 April 2018

Location in Fallowfield, good because there are bars close buy, a big sainsburys and it’s where all the other students are. Getting the bus every morning is a bit long though. Rooms were an average size, mattress was comfy. I had a sink and was lucky with the placement of my room so it wasn’t very noisy. Kitchen facilities are good. Regular cleaning.

21 March 2018

It has a good vibe but needs some improvements, the food is mostly good but the mealtimes could be a bit longer to allow more flexibility. The buses are frequent and fast and has good links all round the city.

29 December 2017

If you want to live somewhere quiet, this is not the place for you. People will be very inconsiderate, shouting in the corridors in the early hours of the morning, and the kitchen will be a mess no matter what you do. I've found it bearable overall though, the food is very good, and the computer cluster is convenient. Also if you're getting a bus pass, don't be tempted to get a First one, even if they send you an email offering you a discount. Get the Stagecoach one, they're so much more frequent, they never go on strike, and Stagecoach have loads more routes around the south of Manchester. Honestly if there's one thing I wish I'd known before moving it'd probably be that.

28 December 2017

Liked being in fallowfield but the state of the halls were pretty bad. The kitchens were very poorly equipped and the bathrooms weren’t pleasant. I did have a great time though and I liked being in a block and not a flag