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19 January 2019

Good location, super nice staff on a 24/7 reception which was a lifesaver! Cleaner to clean shared space! Spacious bedrooms and on suite in most

19 January 2019

Birley is really close to uni and only a short bus journey from town. The halls are modern and clean. Potentially not as sociable as some of the cheaper halls but still by no means dead.

19 January 2019

Location is good, close to town and main campus. Rooms are a super good size, so is the whole house really: other than the ridiculous heat the house is a lovely living space. Social side is also good, always something to do however sometimes the noise can get ridiculous.­Also, security is a joke when it comes to noise.

19 January 2019

Such an amazing accommodation the best idea to pay a little extra!! The location is so good right next to the Brooks building it takes less than a minute to get to my lectures! Everyone is like a little community and the reception staff are really helpful and are available 24 hours. Overall such a nice accommodation, the best bit is the kitchen/lounge as there's so much space!!

19 January 2019

I stayed in a Warde townhouse with 11 other people and it was amazing! The area downstairs is perfect for socialising with your housemates, and you don't have to worry about cleaning all the time as a cleaner comes in once a week! The bathrooms are shared between 2 people - which also gets cleaned by the cleaner. The location is 30 seconds away if you study in the brooks building and is only a short walk away from the rest of the uni buildings!

19 January 2019

Birley is a great accommodation! The location it's self is reasonably good as it is less than a 10 minute walk to most building on campus. There is a cop right next to the accommodation and a Asda, B&M just up the road. Birley is very safe as sercuity patrol around the well lit outdoor areas and living areas every night! In terms of how social the town houses are I would say very the big kitchen space allow for you and your house mates to have lots of space to pre-drink, watch tv and maybe even have a house party. The rooms themselves are outstanding the walls a pristine the only downside being that the 3 quarter bed is on the smaller side. The bathrooms as lovely everything seems brand new and sharing is no problems at all! I would 100% pick birley again as a first year student!

19 January 2019

Probably the best accommodation MMU has to offer. Modern, good sized rooms with loads of storage space, and communal area cleaned for us once a week. Good location for a weekly ASDA shop and a Co-op 2 mins away. Also regular buses into town, and to the Trafford center.

19 January 2019

Extremely social, amazing in the summer the security are so helpful and friendly. The rooms are perfect and the size is great.

19 January 2019

I really enjoyed living in Birley and thought that it was definitely the best accommodation at MMU, as it was very modern and all the facilities were working and brand new.

19 January 2019

The location is pretty ideal, right next to the Brooks building or just a 10 minute walk to every other campus. Living in a town house of 12 people means more opportunities to make friends, great social life. The room is a good size and laid out nicely.

14 August 2018

I didn’t enjoy my time at MMU’s Birley Fields. Firstly, the halls were brand new the year that we moved in but as they weren’t completed in time for September we weren’t moved in until October. MMU separated us from the flat mates we’d had in our previous temporary accommodation and gave us a reduced rate on Birley (as they still weren’t fully finished and actually weren’t finished until the next academic year). Despite the reduced rate, the halls were the most expensive of all of MMU’s student accommodation. I was in the town houses. I found the town houses to be highly unsociable as they are divided into 3 floors of four separate rooms with a shared living room and kitchen. You can not access any of the other town houses. Plus the accommodation is not central to any nightlife - not even a local pub or bar. It was beautiful accommodation, but as it was so new MMU were highly strict with regards to the upkeep and maintenance and at the end of the year a lot of people didn’t have their deposits returned due to blu tac stains or cup rings on windowsills - things that are easy to clean.

10 July 2018

Good location, however halls were slightly cramped and could use a bit of an update. They were generally nice but for the amount of people squished in one place it wasn’t exactly ideal.

3 July 2018

Overall my time at birely in the Naylor block was a good one. It is far nicer than the likes of Cambridge and the rooms and social spaces in your house and around the campus are so nice and clean!

2 July 2018

clean, close to university and sociable. Whilst we shared the townhouse with 12 people we only had to share bathrooms between in pairs, which meant that tidying was much easier. 24hr office was brill for collecting packages and late maintance queries.

20 June 2018

Modern looking and secure, security are very strict and give a lot of fines. Not too far a walk from uni

18 June 2018

Decent halls, rooms are quite big and the staff are sound. Have to pay for washing which is expensive and the WiFi isn’t the best. Cleaners do a decent job every week.

14 June 2018

Birley fields is the newest accommodation for MMU and it is certainly the best all round. I have recently just moved out of one of the dale townhouses that consist of 12 people and I wouldn’t have stayed anywhere else. The rooms are very spacious and all the facilities are brand new. 12 people sounds a lot but it works so well giving that there are 4 floors. The maintenance guy was also the nicest man working for the Uni he really deserves to be recognised

6 June 2018

Birley halls are modern, clean and very nice to live in- and are also very sociable, with a nice garden area for sunbathing BBQs in summer. The price also includes a weekly cleaner and bills, which is very handy. Being a short walk away from the Brookes building, too, is a very handy feature if you have any lectures in there.

1 May 2018

Such good halls, loads of other students living nearby so really sociable and fun, especially in the summer time. Close to town and uni, not difficult to get to lectures. The living spaces were cleaned weekly.

21 April 2018

Amazing accomidation! Nicest one I’ve seen, sociable place, good bedroom space, right next to the university and near the centre and nightlife.

18 April 2018

Manchester Metropoliatan Birley halls are in a good location only a 25 minute walk from the centre of Manchester. And only a 10 minute walk from uni, so on those days you haven't got much energy it's not that far away. They also have computers and a printer residents can use anytime. The security team are very good and keen to ensure all complaints (such as noise) are seen to and everyone's safety is ensured. People living in vine house al appear to be friendly and respectful to others. The laundry machines are always running smoothly and if you go at the right times you should be able to get one that is free, however one negative would be they should invest in more. As there are only 4 washers and 4 dryers to be shared between three buildings of students. Which can lead to you having to go back and forth a few times before you get a machine. The communal areas are cleaned weekly which ensures your flat will only get to a certain level of dirty before the cleaners sorts it out. This is a big plus. Overall I've enjoyed my stay in Birley so far.

11 April 2018

The location of the halls are great, being so near the the university buildings and to the town centre. Due to being fairly new the bedrooms are in a good condition and clean, as are the communal areas. The reception staff are not particularly friendly this year and do not have a lot of knowledge about the halls and general basic university queries. The application process for halls could be improved slightly and the cost of the halls is a bit too expensive.

10 April 2018

Locations good but for what we pay this isnt anything special the beds are shit the rooms are small and the security are annoying

10 April 2018

Not far from uni at all which is great. Room was very spacious. So much was given to us, had a lot of support, it’s probably the best accommodation because they actually look after the residents here.