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19 December 2018

Extreamly good value for money, great facilities and helpful staff and warden team. Great atmosphere and everybody there is nice to be around

19 December 2018

Freshers is good fun and a very socialable experience; I am still friends with the people I met in halls. Always an opportunity for someone to get involved whether that be in sport, charity work or volunteering.

19 December 2018

It's very nice and beautiful place. Nice neighbors and 4 minutes from my lectures. The facilities are very clean.

19 December 2018

Falk Egg is hands down the best halls of residence on campus - it's a good proximity to a multitude of buildings meaning lectures don't feel a hike away. It's close to the student union too. The atmosphere and social life in falk egg is unique - everyone feels like one big family and there's always someone on the bouley you can chat to and hang out with.

8 August 2018

The location and structure of the hall Falkner Eggington court is probably the best in Loughborough university. Along with good facilities and hall services, the social experience and events were fantastic. Diverse halls, excellent wardens & team, made my postgrad year living really comfortable.

6 June 2018

The location is good as it's in the very middle of everything: close to town as well as teaching facilities. The cleanliness of the shared comunal areas was excellent. Halls are recently refurbished so the rooms despite being quite small are very nicely made.

27 April 2018

Nice new clean halls. Single bedded rooms, with plenty of storage space. Lots of fridge/ freezer space and you get 2 cupboards and a drawer each in the kitchen. Kitchen gets cleaned weekly. Only problem I had with it was that there are only 7 people per block, so it’s hard to initially make friends due to the small number of people.

23 April 2018

Bed could be better quality but for the price and social aspect there’s no better place in Loughborough! Social areas are excellent

23 April 2018

Unbelievable fun, constant opportunities, best time of my life. Really enjoy being a Falk Egg student, amazing place to be. Facilities are good and the setup is great.

18 April 2018

Social experience is top notch, plenty of socials and different groups of people. Real community vibe and worth the money, even if it is the cheapest.

11 April 2018

The cheapest accomadation but by no means a bad thing! Lived there from 2013-14 in the newly built block. Shared bathroom but was cleaned everyday

7 April 2018

Location is centre of campus - amazing for any subject. Social events are second to none - Old Boys weekend is a perfect example. Room was a good size, newly renovated and a nice study area.

29 March 2018

Excellent price Brilliant committee that put on social events through freshers and the whole year New and modern Always clean Nice sized room

16 March 2018

Excellent room Close to all lecture theatres and library Brilliant committee which helped settle in well at start of university and also helped to organise social events Excellent price

16 March 2018

Excellent room Close to all lecture theatres and library Brilliant committee which helped settle in well at start of university and also helped to organise social events Excellent price

10 March 2018

Very good accommodation . Good social life and was cited the best hall in the county . Shared bathrooms is not problem at all. Large kitchens , lots of space to cook and eat. Nice laundry facilities and games room. Only problem would be that the laundry is quite expensive compared to others . Very cheap and very good value for money

9 March 2018

The location for Falkner Egginton is good, has good surroundings as it is between the on-site shop and not too far from the town centre. Also is close to sports facilities on campus and not too far from the library. Social experience is good and the room is good, comfortable environment

7 March 2018

Friendliest hall in loughborough. Everyone is so friendly and everyone knows everyone. Well known for being the best hall. Close to business/ sport science lectures. Close to powerbase gym and sit David Wallace sports hall. Closer to town than most halls

2 March 2018

Halls are reasonably sized with good facilities. The rooms are clean and spacious and allow for comfortable living. The social life of being in a hall allows for good bonds and memories to be made.

23 February 2018

Super cheep. Great management and friendly staff. House of 8 but very roomy, modern and effective. Night life is the best!!!!!.

5 February 2018

Great location, great community, everyone's friendly, great price! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

27 January 2018

Staying in the best hall in the UK really makes you feel proud! The spirit in this hall is phenomenal, it’s a family environment!

24 January 2018

I chose the hall as it was the best value for money, and I don’t regret it. The fact that I have not had an en suite for the year has not bothered me one bit as I have very clean flat mates who respect the place. The hall is also very convient for my course as it is only a minute walk away.

23 January 2018

The hall provides a fantastic social experience, has a student committee which is ran by current students in falk egg. Lots of opportunities provided. Brilliant value for money.