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1 April 2018

Great hall - especially living next to Made In Chelsea people. It was essentially like living in a mansion (with a HUGE garden) with your mates

2 January 2018

Location is amazing - only 15 minutes walking to South Kensington campus. It is also located in one of the richest parts of London, so one in a lifetime experience. (My) room is quite large despite being a standard single, so that's pretty good. Kitchens are quite small considering how many people have to use them, but they are cleaned regularly. Overall pretty good, but there are no lifts and one time my friend got electrocuted turning on the lights, so use electricity at your own risk. Socially, not that organised.

29 December 2017

Location is great- Chelsea/Fulham. Great for outings and grabbing a drink or going to the movies. All within a short walk. Also the neirborhood is itself beautiful. Social life is non-existent. Mainly due to that this hall is reserved for returning students which either have already their niche or weren’t sociable in the first place to get a flat with other students. That said, few nice people is all you need. The plus side is that you can have the common areas to yourself and your guests. Facilities are neat and new.

29 December 2017

Great location -middle of Chelsea. Close to university. Fulham and Southken are nearby and are good places to eat, grab a drink or go to the movies. Battersea park is close as well and is great for a run. The halls themselves have been refurbished and are neat and comfortable. The kitchens are a bit small for the amount of people but are ok. Social life depends on the person but the main theme is that these are halls for recurring students so they are not as open and willing to socialise as the average student, then again, one nice person you meet can change your perspective. There’s also green space in the adjacent garden and the common rooms are phenomenal. Price is decent for the whole deal