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12 August 2018

The best thing about Passfield Hall for me was the social side. As it's catered, everyone has dinner in the dining room together every night which makes it so so much easier to make friends. Passfield also isn't split into flats in the way that many other universities are, which means that it's less likely that you'll stick to your flat mates and will branch out more. The common areas (dining room, common room, pool room) are widely used, especially before nights out and there's even an occasional open bar (at least one every term). The location is great, especially for first years and people who haven't spent a great deal of time in London beforehand, as it's extremely central and therefore allows you to explore the best parts of London easily. The rooms are quite small, but everything is in central London.

24 April 2018

Good location, only 20 mins walk from campus. Has good transport connections as well. The facilities are shared, which can be frustrating and cleaners can come at awkward times. The room is fairly small and not great, and the social experience has been fairly poor.

21 April 2018

There is a huge potential for a vibrant social life at this halls but obviously the responsibility is down to the students. It's such a great location (close to campus, very central...) for student debauchery and general f**king around. Facilities were nice, only downside is that there is no oven (which really annoyed me but honestly everything else made up for it and more). I can only speak for my own experience but it was social and convenient and full of the most consistently delinquent memories out of any year of my life. I did share a room but it was pretty great. I went to a boarding school though so that might make me biased. I prefer a single room but I had no choice. It was nevertheless an amazing time. And if you want privacy, just like any human/roommate, be honest, straightforward, and assertive, and it's all good. Also, it was hella cheap. More to spend on other...things...

18 April 2018

Slightly smaller than other halls, Passfield Hall is extremely cosy. The food is really good and facilities are decent too. The only trouble is that the 2 side buildings do not have lifts and the contract is only 31 weeks.

28 February 2018

Passfield truely was the best hall I could have chosen, while it’s a modest accommodation, it’s value for money and you meet so many people!!

28 December 2017

Excellent party hall, small rooms, secure environment. The people you meet there are extremely nice. It is at a fantastic location, with the nearest supermarket and train station 5 min walk away. It is also close to a UoL gym.

30 November 2017

The dinner is the best part bcs everyone meets each other at the end of a hectic day. It's very refreshing

30 November 2017

It’s a catered hall, the food is nice, at times better, at times worse. There is always a vegetarian, vegan, meat and fish option, halal upon request. The faicilities are refurbished and cleaned regulry, but eg for an entire trimester the toilets and bathrooms on my floor were being refurbished so I had no access to facilities on my floor. The hall is cozy and small, we have a patio and there is a common room. The dining hall is open to those who want to study there, there is also a computer room. The staff is mostly friendly and helpful. The rooms are quite small and dim, but alright, I have everything I need - a bad, a desk, a sink, a small closet.