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30 June 2018

Fair size single bedroom with good storage including desk space, large wardrobe and wall shelves, plus a sink in every bedroom. The communal area was fairly small, just a kitchen/dining room, and there was only 1 shared bathroom plus separate toilet (no ensuites). Good price for East London and great for first year students wanting to meet people.

3 May 2018

The location is ideal, my halls looks onto the canal and it's easy if I want to link up with any friends. Socially my flat itself is quite dead socially. We have a fine rapport just not good friends. However in general the social side is good.

31 March 2018

They offer single sex flats which was convenient for me. The room and kitchen are big for the amount that I paid. I had 5 flatmates so that was a just the right number. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay there! Wished I could stay for all 3 years of my undergraduate study!

30 December 2017

The halls are quite tired, with horrible decor and quite a lot of damage. However they have a great location central to campus, and the lack of nice interiors results in plenty of flat parties as people don't treat these halls as previously. Good for social experience however it really lacks a large social space, and the kitchens are quite small so you do often run out of places to go. Overall a clean well priced hall.

29 December 2017

Right inside of campus near a lot of shops and food places. Room was pretty tiny but for London the rates are pretty cheap - all included for about £120 p/w. No communal area which was a bit rubbish, so we had to all cram into someone's bedroom or sit in the kitchen. he bathroom was more like a hospital bathroom - those odd rough floors in eye watering red and a really strong smell of disinfectant. Beware of random daddy long legs attacks in summer months. Cleaning ladies had a cupboard in our kitchen so they did impose quite a bit and would take their breaks in the middle of our kitchen and very loudly complain about the other flats over cups of tea. Extremely fast internet, was fine to play intense video games on and stream them at the same time.

28 December 2017

The halls were good for being social as the flats were about five people. However the quality of the maintenance of the halls was not great. I had water leaks in my cupboard frequently.