Host (Victoria hall) Wembley

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4 June 2018

I have a studio which is really great for having your own space and being able to organise everything how I like it. The building has a gym study room and games room which are all really well looked after and nice to use. Having laundry facilities on site is also very useful, they are slightly expensive but worth the money for the accessibility. The building is only 20 minutes from central London and 10 from uni so the location is also great for me. I’ve never had a problem with the internet and any maintenance issues they give you plenty warning I will be rebooking this place for next year!

23 April 2018

Location is great right next the to station with a great view of wembley stadium. 5-10 min walk to a few supermarkets and designer outlet. As a third year, host is amazing hall’s to live in as it is quiet enough to study but also a sociable aspect within the individual flats.

2 April 2018

The location is great, right next to the tube station only 3 stops away from the university. The rooms are very spacious for London and the interior is nice and modern. There’s plenty of storage. Downside is being next to the tube it can get quite loud (although it is something you get used to living in a city) the internet isn’t the fastest (although we have been told they are looking to upgrade it) and also the laundry facilities are poor (machines often break down, don’t wash clothes properly, and very expensive)

3 January 2018

I've been living here for two years and the entire experience can be summed up as "great, until you have an actual problem." Since moving back into halls for my second year, I have been in a room where weekly maintenance has been required for my plumbing and electrics. In four months I have spent a fortnight without working electricity, and had my toilet and sink break at least once a fortnight with the same issue (which maintenance never seem to fix properly). An off site electrician had to be called in at one point and he described the building as being a safety hazard because the plumbing and electrics for each flat are stacked on top of one another, meaning that water from any plumbing issues leaks straight onto the fuse box and other electrics. Furthermore, I have had issue with some partiers in an adjacent flat since the beginning of the semester, and even though they have been reported to security frequently, no further action has been taken as they are only disturbing me. I have had severe anxiety over this, and they offered to move me to a different flat but the other room had a broken window so I seem to be stuck in my current flat. If your neighbours are reasonable and you luck out on the plumbing though, you will have a good time here.