David Bomberg House

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2 January 2019

Everything in this hall is good however the bathrooms are small. The social area is good and clean. There is a lot of facilities available such as on the hall laundry, security and many more.

30 April 2018

Fantastic location, however not worth the anxiety of being infantilised by the staff on a daily basis. Rooms are as to be expected and if you’re lucky enough to meet great people like I did, then you can get over the level of squalor your kitchen reaches. Don’t be loud in the smoking area or Gina will kill you. Go elsewhere.

10 April 2018

The location of the halls were very close by to the uni which was perfect and didn't cause an issue, however the facilities could have been better as it was a shared kitchen between the whole floor and was often left a mess when it was used, the social experience was decent as I could meet and get along with new people that were living on the same floor as me, my room was too small a single bed in the corner and a huge deal with a small bathroom on the side, it was way too small for my liking.

8 February 2018

Everything about halls is fine with me except the security being so strict with the vising times for friends and family