Aqua House

11th in Lincoln



I had an extremely poor experience of Aqua House in Lincoln. If it had not been for my flatmates, we all agreed we would have moved elsewhere. The flat was filthy when we moved in, yet we were charged for this on moving out in August, despite reporting the mess on moving in day. The office closed down which made it very difficult to receive post, leading to our post going missing on more than one occasion. The internet was terrible and we had to reconnect everytime we used our phones and laptops in the flats. There were often people coming in and out of our flat without prior warning. Towards the end of the year, we felt very unsafe with people using drugs outside our windows and sleeping in the entrance way. The lack of social area in the annex building was a real problem as we could only commune in the kitchen where there was a very small table with only 4 chairs to the 6 residents. The only positives about Aqua House are the location as it is close to uni and the size of the rooms.


First, Aqua House is right behind Sainsbury’s Local. This is good, until you have people off their head on ket and all sorts lying outside your accommodation in the afternoon and a bunch of young teenagers trying to break into your flat through the fire door. There’s no security or gates around the accommodation, it’s pretty open for anyone to walk in & people constantly smoke weed on the fire escape (making the whole flat smell). The social experience is good.. if you befriend anyone from Flat A and can sesh in their massive kitchen with two sofas; other than that, your kitchen might end up being small with less than half the amount of chairs needed for all of you. We had no trouble socialising in our corridor & we would often stand around in the kitchen having a chat. My room was okay. It was a large double but the furniture was tatty and falling apart. If my bed broke (it has broken twice), the singular technician would come along and either tape it back together with duct tape or simply screw in a random plank of wood. The view out my window was good and you could see the cathedral from it but you can easily get the same view from other accommodations that have better cleanliness. The bathrooms are okay, it would have been nice if they could’ve actually cleaned them theirselves or at least made an effort to do so. At the beginning of the year for quite a few months, we came to a realisation that anyone who looked at Aqua House from the bridge or from the other accommodation could see us going to the toilet or having a shower through the not so opaque windows. This was fixed with a cheap, flimsy shower curtain that barely covers all the massive window. I wouldn’t recommend Aqua House if you want to enjoy your first year, although I suppose other accommodation probably have faults of their own. Pro tip: ask to live in Flat A or Flat G if you really are considering Aqua House. It may make life slightly easier. P.S. The WiFi is terrible, apparently they’re changing their provider in September so *hopefully* it actually works. Good luck, you will most likely need it. Especially since the lift doesn’t work and you have to walk all the way up to Flat G if you live there.


The staff where amazing, cant fault them! Quick with any issues, increadably kind and helpful. The windows are old and prone to a bit of black mould and you cant control the heating. Its less than 5 minutes walk from main campus which is amazing for the price! The rooms are spacious and the kitchens even more so often with two ovens and sinks in each one

Emily North

The office staff were nice and friendly. However, the flats were outdated, no windows in the kitchen or bathrooms in my flat, the WiFi was dreadful - not fit for student accommodation with having to complete submit assignments, it was a nightmare. Fines were ridiculous too.