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4 January 2019

The location is fantastic- 2 minute walk to campus and 5 minutes right into the city centre (the trinity centre is a 5 min walk). The building is very modern and kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are extremely nice. There's also a really nice on site gym but if you are serious about fitness, the unis main gym is a two minute walk away - you get membership included in rent. However I think this is the least social halls of them all. I am a drama student so am keen to talk to everyone and get to know people from my halls but I have literally met nobody from my floor other than the people in my flat! Everyone stays behind closed doors. Considering the halls has a huge common room and cinema room I think the wardens could organise a few more social events for everyone to get to know each other.

4 January 2019

Location of Cityside is perfect (5 mins from uni, 5 mins from town) although being so central it isn't the quietest with building work and the hospital nearby. Cityside isn't the cheapest but I knew friends who were paying more and were in a much further location with outdated furniture etc. If you're willing to pay make use of the extras included in the cost such as the cinema room and gym etc.

4 January 2019

City side is an excimer choice for student accommodation, it's on campus and a five minute walk from university. City side has many facilities such as: a gym, cinema room and a common room! The overall look is modern and new which makes it more appealing. One problem would be the cost, it is rather expensive, however it is also one of the nicest halls.

4 January 2019

A bit like living in a hotel. Decent sized rooms, lift and stair access. On-site gym is soo useful for busy schedules and early morning work-outs. There are free goodies/food available on the front desk at least once a week. At Christmas time there was a free hamper full of sweets and drinks to be claimed while watching a film in the cinema room. The staff are super helpful, the handyman is a wizz at fixing anything that broke in our flat. Only problems that affected me were: shower pressure isn't very good at all, the shower head is fixed to the wall and there's only one cooker between 6 people which means you have to wait sometimes.

7 June 2018

Location is perfect, really close to the university and city centre. Slightly expensive for what it is.

19 April 2018

Great facilities, 3everythibg is quite new. Slightly too expensive. Really close to campus and to the city Center which is really convenient.

27 February 2018

I love just how close the halls are to campus, it’s only a 5-10 minute walk to get to most of my classes. It’s also great having my own room and bathroom which gives privacy. The kitchen and lounge areas in the flats are also really good.

2 January 2018

Really good location and facilities, everything is new and clean and the staff really help you and are very friendly. The room is a good size and has lots of storage space, and the ensuite bathroom is also very nice, clean and modern. Again with nice storage, it has a glass mirror cubed. Everyone i have met there are really nice, and the common room is good too. the residence often puts on events that are free, and they decorate the halls according to the season. Very close to the city centre, to the university and the edge gym. The onsite gym is basic but good.

20 November 2017

Good facilities, clean and modern the only downside is it is quite expensive. Location is great as I am 5 minutes away from lectures and 10 minutes away from the train station. I do keep getting logged out of the eduroam WiFi but I believe that is a university wise issue and nothing to do with downing students the company which runs cityside

20 November 2017

It was amazing residence except when the water went off for multiple days and we received no compensation despite the fact that we were promised it!!! But lovely room, kitchen and common room.