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7 January 2019

The flats inside this modern block have spacious rooms, bathrooms, and living areas. By being open plan as well these living areas are great for socialising, and during freshers if you leave your door open people will come in to say hello. The location of central village is also perfect, between uni and the city it is continent for both going to lectures and enjoying leeds' nightlife

7 January 2019

Excellent location and facilities for the price, easy to get into both the city and the university campus, but perhaps slightly lacking socially.

7 January 2019

Great location, less than a 2 minute walk from campus. Known for having high percentage of international students. Not very social. Really nice rooms and ensuits.

7 January 2019

Great location and good social events such as a Christmas ball, dog visits, free alcohol and free pizza Although very expensive.

7 January 2019

The location is absolutely 10/10. You're about a 5 minute walk into the city centre and you're basically on campus for uni too. It's also perfect if you enjoy going to the gym as The Edge is a 2 minute walk from Central Village. The rooms are spacious and all come with an en suite bathroom which is ideal. It's 5 or 6 people per flat. It's not the most sociable of Halls at Leeds, this is just something that a lot of people I lived with in first year observed, but I suppose it's different every year.

7 January 2019

Very big kitchen, nice room, clean courtyard, noise from ambulances and helicopters from the general infirmary, no road noise from inner ring road though, very good location close to campus and city centre

7 January 2019

Very aesthetically pleasing rooms and living areas, clesned regularly and in a very convinient place for the university and for the city as both are only a five to ten minute walk. However isn't as sociable as other residences that I have visited.

3 July 2018

Central Village is quite expensive but is excellent in terms of location. It is only a five minute walk to the university and a ten minute walk to the city centre. The rooms are spacious and modern, and the en suites are nice and clean. It is a bit loud at night due to the proximity to the university and students participating in nightlife but is overall a great place to stay

1 July 2018

It was like a hotel and very close to uni, but not that social. It was great to be in the tower as it was a brand new building.

29 June 2018

The flat was really modern. A comfortable communal space was provided and the kitchen was open planned allowing a more social atmosphere. The room was very decently sized with a generous three quarter bed and modern furniture. Overall a very nice flat.

15 June 2018

Amazing location to university, the city centre and Hyde park. The room was lovely and modern and most importantly homely. Good kitchen space and facilities have been well kept so felt like new. Most accommodation doesn’t have carpet but central village does which a lot of friends liked and it felt more like home.

9 June 2018

Location is perfect, max a 10 minute walk to uni and less for getting into the main town. Was on one of the higher floors so had an amazing view. Bins are taken out for you each week and you have a large communal area with sofas and next to that is a large kitchen and fridge. This means you also get to know your flat mates really well and socialise a lot better.

7 June 2018

-Comfortable, Clean, Modern -Amazing location right between the city centre and university campus -However quite antisocial, particularly if you are put in Block C where most of the international students are whom mostly don’t socialise.

7 June 2018

The location is perfect! 5 mins from uni and city centre! Tesco express is being on site is very convinient as well! Plenty of space in bedroom and kitchen. The only problem was the shower drain gets blocked easily - every semester I had to buy solution from Morrison’s to unblock. Other than that highly recommend!

4 June 2018

Location was excellent. Social aspect was very good. However my flat had no windows that opened so found it very hot and stuffy. The lifts for my block were very slow sometimes as well. But other than that no complaints, was a good accommodation! :)

30 April 2018

This accomodation is in the prime location for freshers - right next to the city and uni. There are so many students you can find people on your course to walk to lectures with and make friends from there. The actual rooms are nice and repairs are done swiftly. Only problem is some other flats have no vents or windows so get very hot in the kitchen to the point you can’t sit in them.

29 April 2018

Best location you could ask for, so close to campus but also on the side of campus closest to town so you can be in the Center in 10 mins walk. The people aren’t as social as everyone tells you but rooms are nice enough that if you make no friends you don’t mind sitting alone in it

23 April 2018

Really good location, only 2 minute walk to the gym and to university. The city centre is only a 5 minute walk away as well.

17 March 2018

Central village was a great location for campus I could wake up at 8:30 and make my 9am lectures. The halls themselves were nice and I enjoyed having an en suite. Only downside was that my room was on the back of the tower so couldn’t open the window and it would be very hot.

17 March 2018

Central village was a great location for campus I could wake up at 8:30 and make my 9am lectures. The halls themselves were nice and I enjoyed having an en suite. Only downside was that my room was on the back of the tower so couldn’t open the window and it would be very hot.

16 March 2018

Lovely accomodation in terms of room size, closeness to university and kitchen size. Each flat came with a tv but it was abit rubbish channel wise so we never used it! The windows in my block did not open so it was contantly like 90 degrees in my room unless I had my multiple desk fans on which was annoying when trying to sleep! The accomodation was not the most sociable but I still made amazing friends and the ensuites were lush. They also had a cool games room in block c where you could play pool and table tennis for free so that was fun.

5 March 2018

Location is absolutely unbeatable and makes it so worth the extra cost, which is money you save on Uber’s and buses getting around anyway. The only thing is that because it’s so close I find that our flat has become the sort of hub of my flatmates group meaning they have pres and afters here every night because it’s a maximum 10 minute walk from most of the clubs, which is not so great for me. The actual rooms are really decent size, high ceilings and quite modern looking. Would highly highly recommend and if you’re not a going out sort of person, just invest in some good headphones.

4 March 2018

Amazing location, 5 minutes walk from campus and 10 minutes from the city centre. Self catered so great if you like to cook. Newly built so really modern, spacious and clean

1 March 2018

The location is great for uni as well as for nightlife. My flatmates were really friendly and the decor is modern and nice. Everything worked perfectly, or if not, was fixed quickly. The accommodation could have held better social events (like Charles Morris who had a summer fair!) and wasn't extremely social, but the effort was there.