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21 January 2019

The room comes nice and clean with a double bed and an ensuite. The kitchen is spacious with a tv and couches and also a dining table and at least two fridge freezers.

16 June 2018

Pros: Had a single room but was lovely sized with lots of storage. Huge kitchen with tv. Modern. Cons: very expensive. Shower would flood the bathroom floor Every time.

11 June 2018

I stayed in flat 41. The halls have lovely rooms that are spacious with lots of storage. Fast WiFi. Good kitchen & lounge area facilities. The bed is 4mx4m which is pretty much a double. Desk space and provided chair is useful. Only negative is the large cost of rent, but it is worth it as everything is inclusive. I studied on de havilland campus and chose to live here as the rooms were a lot nicer. Bus was easy and quick to get to the other campus. One of the best courts in my opinion.

7 June 2018

The location was quite good, it wa close to the library and also close to the oval, where security are based. The rooms are fairly big, and have a large amount of storage. Living in halls you meet new people an make friends.

5 June 2018

Location: Great. Just outside of London so far enough to have your own independence but still close to home when you want to return. Facilities: I do sport and the gyms on both campuses are amazing. Both new and very accessible for students of the uni and even members of the public at the main sport facilities on the De Haviland campus. Social experience: I don’t think it could be any better than going to Hertfordshire. Their is a club on campus! Walking distance or one direct shuttle bus away. Having freshers week on campus made it much easier to socialise with others at the university. Events are also held weekly with great acts and artists coming to perform. My room: I love my room. It is brand new on the College land campus. Perfect double bed size with en suite bathroom. Communal kitchen with TV and sofas in there too. My room was great, distance wise as well. Right next to the library and my lectures. Price was abit high but I was willing to pay in order to be totally comfortable.

23 April 2018

Room size good, double bed with lots of storage space. Appliances break often and easily but makntinence respond within 24hours with a new appliance.

17 April 2018

I had been in Bellingham Court, Townhouse last year. It was one of the most amazing experiences being able to live somewhere so nice with friends. The halls are so clean and modern. Meaning you get to decorate to the best of your abilities. Back on campus next year for final year and in a premium room. Maybe pricey but worth it.

11 April 2018

The rooms are pretty big with a modern ensuite, everything is modern and doesn't look like a typical uni hall that we all imagine. The kitchens are huge with a living area, dining area and of course a cooking space. There's often multiple fridges, ovens and hobs and lots of cupboard space. Cleaners come weekly to clean the kitchen making it a nice environment to live in. It is the closest building to the library, oval and gym making it the perfect location for those extra few minutes in bed. The common room is fitted with 5+ washers and dryers, a table tennis table, a huge projector and plenty of seats making it a great location for groups to watch tv/movies/games, play games or just chat.

10 April 2018

The accomdation is within walking distance from the shuttle bus stop, all the college lane lecture buildings and the forum. Nice brand new building with clean bathrooms and clean rooms ,kitchen and living space with a TV shared between 6-8 Flatmates. Great social experience and vibrant nightlife when events are held at Forum. Nightlife is quiet most days due to there being no other clubs but Forum.

22 March 2018

I have really enjoyed living in halls and having the indapendance aswell as making mates that I will be in contact for the rest of uni

12 March 2018

The overall appearance and feel of it is great. Get to know new people and learn a lot about them. Love it.

27 February 2018

The accommodation is very new and modern. The rooms are large and there is plenty of storage space. They are a bit expensive but since bills are included and they are some of the nicest accommodation I looked at, I think it’s worth it! The rooms are ensuite with a huge desk and a 4ft double bed.

11 February 2018

Nice but overpriced. Good sofas and TVs in the living room. The hobs are induction so be careful to choose the pans carefully!

2 February 2018

I lived in the 6 person flats right next to the oval, the room was amazing and spacious. The kitchen was great we had more room than we needed for 6 people. Can't beat having your own en suite toilet and shower either but for the price you are definitely paying for it. Nice social flats although no communal toilet made parties awkward, slight negative was that the nearby townhouses threw a lot of parties which meant that there was a lot of noise on some nights.

28 December 2017

The rooms are really light and modern. There is so much storage space and a huge desk. The bed is a good size, if a little uncomfortable, but that can be solved with a mattress topper. There is loads of activities to take part in on campus including active students, which is free!

28 December 2017

The accommodation is very new and modern. The rooms are large and bright with a 4ft double bed, loads of storage space and a large desk. The kitchens have plenty of space for everyone as well as sofas were you can chill out, making it a really social place. The Oval has loads of free events on that you can go to, including free exercise class programme and an on site gym.