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18 November 2018

The rooms in the Parkwood houses are amazing. They're spacious, clean, and all have great views. They're currently under renovation for new kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Great community atmosphere you don't get living on main campus, it's far enough to not feel overwhelmed by uni but close enough it takes barely any time at all to get to classes or the library. Its situation close to the university medical centre has also proven to be useful more than once. The construction of a new Parkwood hub that includes everything from a shop and a bar to dance studios and rooftop seating I think makes Parkwood my favourite place on campus.

Emily Elmore
7 July 2018

Such a fun place to live, always house parties going on, pretty decent little houses, not bad room sizes. Tiny kitchens but enough for having lots of people round for pre drinks still. Wi-Fi not great.

20 June 2018

Absolutely amazing for socialising, the location is stunning and nice areas to walk round, houses are really nice and feel more homely than other accommodation

20 June 2018

Firstly, I must start off by saying that living in parkwood houses has most definitely been an EXPERIENCE!! But I can honestly say that I have no regrets about living in parkwood. Although, there’s plenty of jokes made about parkwood being ‘off campus’ (because it takes like 6/8 mins to get to main campus, obvs depending where in parkwood you’re situated) it feels like it’s its own little town or village. Can’t lie, freshers week is one of the most scariest times in uni (besides exams lol) but living in the houses made that a lot easier. Because we’re in the houses and not flats there were LOADS of house parties every night and because we have lovely green garden spaces everything is outdoors so you can legit hop through like 3 house parties in a night and meet new people. It’s hsrder to host things in the flats around campus because you need fobs to access the kitchen areas, so people from all over campus were coming to parkwood houses during freshers. Everyone leaves their kitchen doors open during freshers so you can literaly just pop into someone’s kitchen and chill with them and that’s how you build connections. The rooms are decent sizes if I do say so myself, there’s lots of walking space (but if you get one of the really old parkwood houses then yeah that’s not the case) but if I could re-do my first year I’d defo still stay in parkwood houses. Absolutely loved it

19 June 2018

Park wood is really nice, location is amazing. Surrounded by trees which gives a nice relaxing atmosphere in times of stress. Facilities are well maintained. Socials are great, people are really friendly and had an amazing experience.

20 March 2018

Amazing!!! The new renovation meant i moved into a brand new house with modern furniture. Everything was very spacious, we had a lot of storage space and two ovens which was helpful when we all needed to cook. The bedroom itself was also modern and spacious and had plenty of room for my stuff and studies.

27 February 2018

I really like living in parkwood because despite it being referred to as the ghetto of Kent university, it really is actually super social, amazing value for money and conviently close to places like essentials (the local shop) and the sports facilities. Also my room is huge , bigger than the rooms in both Keynes and Turing - so all in all parkwood has a really homely community feel which makes it very easy to connect with people especially in first year !

28 December 2017

Housing set up is fully engaging for all students. With up to 15 houses per court area, it's almost impossible not to become affiliated with your (court) mates. Just being a brisk 15mins max walk from main campus and being a hell lot cheaper it's a no brainer!

28 December 2017

It’s great, lots of space in the house, 1 shower and 2 toilets. Rooms is big and it’s a big community

18 November 2017

Parkwood is pretty, essentials shop close and quick walk to campus. Nice sized rooms for the price and a good student vibe.

16 November 2017

Was a really nice house. Many of the different courts are renovated so are really nice and clean & comfortable. More than enough storage space and the bathrooms are nice