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I love Cardiff so much! It's a lovely city filled with friendly and lovely people. I am living in the town, nearby the train station and bus stations so transportation is always so easy to reach. I love the parks here, and most of them are just walking distance from town. As an Asian, I am quite picky with foods, and Cardiff provides a lot of food choices. Most of the Chinese food are legit. The Thai food in Cardiff market is affordable and yummy. Even though there's only one Korean restaurant (Kimchi) in town but the food is great! There're a couple of Malaysian food restaurants which are great as well! Entertainment wise, the movie tickets are really cheap here in the Cardiff, especially if you are a student. I am not a night person so I've never been to any club here, but I heard there's a couple of good clubs in the town.


A great city to live in! It’s got loads to offer - food, drink and a great night out!! The bay is really beautiful and definitely accessible, there’s a huge variety of shops and the fact that there are plenty of students around bro gs the city to life.

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