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4 November 2018

Wallscourt park is one of the main reasons why I decided to apply to UWE, it is very modern, clean and there is a real sense of community within the area.

4 November 2018

Really good location- only about 5 minute walk to lectures. Good access to laundry facilities although they are a bit expensive. The facilities in the kitchen are good, but we have had a few issues with recurring leaks in the sink pipes. The communal area is large as well as the bedrooms and the 3/4 double is appreciated. Everyone is very sociable and we are regularly invited to other flats.

4 November 2018

If you're looking for something on the modern side, Wallscourt Park is definitely the best option if you want to live on campus. It's quite pricey- 6k for 8 months including gym membership (for an en-suite). However you get what you pay for and the rooms are very well sized with a double bed. The shower is dreamy! Wallscourt is definitely plush compared to other accomodation offered on campus.

4 November 2018

Great modern facilities including a small double bed, wardrobe, desk, chair, shelves and bedside table. Shared bathroom between 2 people. Very social and close to lectures

4 November 2018

Wallscourt is very clean and communal. Able to be amongst other students in the same place as you and meet people easier. Good social community and security. Good facilities and room size with spacious strorage and study area. Friendly and helpful staff available always.

23 June 2018

The facilities were great and the space was really good. It was in such a good location because it was so close to all my lectures and you make really good friends with a variety of different people.

21 June 2018

Wallscourt situated at Frenchay campus is wonderful, near the Student union and Bus stops, had 11 flatmates which was interesting with one kitchen but it meant I met loads of good friends easily. My room was spacious with a twin bed and sharing a bathroom with another girl really wasn’t as bad as expected. Overall a great experience

13 June 2018

The quality of the halls was exceptional with modern decor, small double beds and a large living area. I also liked the fact you only have to share a nice bathroom with one other person!

3 May 2018

Wallscourt was by far the best halls. Living with a total of 12 people although you may not get on with the half, the other half are the best. So close to the SU and lecture halls and the shop. Was the best for pre drinks and huge kitchen / living area

28 April 2018

The location was perfect as it was on the edge of campus and it felt like a community. Even though there were different buildings, people still approached other flats and helped each other. My room was so large it was one of the largest in the flat and I had a view of the campus which was perfect. The kitchen area was so beautiful and large enough to accommodate 8 people and the fact that TVs were provided was a bonus

27 April 2018

Looks and facilities are nice enough but the service isn’t great. Security are very hostile towards students and on more than one occasion been left without water for a few days because of maintence problems. WiFi is pretty poor but each house/flat is given a communal TV which is good. Bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas are all pretty nice too. Would suggest choosing a house over a flat and put up with sharing a bathroom with one other person because houses are far more social.

14 April 2018

A reasonably newly built accommodation so finished to a really nice standard large kitchen diner lounge that is great for socialising. Which was great for inviting people over for pres in freshers getting to know people! I personally didn’t go for the en suite option even though this is available and you only share with one over person so this doesn’t cause any issues! The shower is really good, the rooms have double beds which you don’t get in many uni accommodations there’s plenty of storage and desk space in room. It’s genuinely a really nice place to live and work with a couple minute walk to most of the main buildings

26 March 2018

12 others I live with no problem for space, good size room but pricey as is all Accommodation. Sharing a bathroom is fine, and location is good for lectures and close Student Union shop. Also close to the union where there’s food and a bar, the gym is nearer student village but wallscourt has its own gym. It’s 20 minutes on the bus to the town centre and night life which is fine

15 March 2018

Great location, in the middle of most important places for me Great sense of community around, we have many friends living around us

5 March 2018

Very good location, close to most of the campus. The design of the house is very modern and fresh, very spacious bedroom with plenty of desk space and a double bed. Downside is living with 11 other people, the house gets very untidy very quickly

2 March 2018

The house is very modern and the room has plenty of storage. The layout of the house is sociable and I would highly reccomend

28 February 2018

Halls are lovely, nice and warm and security and maintanance are very helpful. Bedrooms are big and bathrooms are very nice

21 February 2018

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20 February 2018

The location is brilliant right on campus making it very easy to get lectures as well as having double bed, good soundproofing, microwave facilities etc. Only reason it isn't 5 star is that it seems not built to last with things such as toilet flushing and the hot water breaking occasionally. Great social life too though, very easy to meet people from surrounding flats.

12 February 2018

Could be a lot lot better. Far away from town and barely any shops around. It us not the best location however buses are often and they are very advanced which is rare for buses round the UK.

2 February 2018

Good overall halls, very social as it was houses of 8 or 12. The kitchen and living area was large although it was messy as there are a lot of people living in the halls.

28 December 2017

Location was great as it was very near the library and lecture halls. I could pop back into halls in between lecture breaks. Facilities were great with plenty of washing and drying facilities. Social experience was great as it was easy to meet many new people living nearby. Room was great with a double bed provided.