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1 November 2018

I love studying at this university. It may be small and quite compact however it feels very friendly and homely allowing me to easily and comfortably fit in. There are multiple opportunities for different societies meeting the interests of mainly everyone, with student friendly nights of pound a pint. The people who work sighing the uni are very caring always offering support or leading you the the right person to talk to. I love spending this journey in York St John and have many happy and fond memories here.

1 November 2018

The campus is absolutely beautiful and is so close to the city centre, which makes it very convenient. The team at YSJ are brilliant and really helpful, and all staff are the same. It really is a lovely, friendly university.

1 November 2018

Really good student support. It's clean and perfect. The staff are so friendly , there's not any pressure, it's amazing.

1 November 2018

I love studying at YSJ! The tutors are always on hand to help with any questions and the lectures and seminars are always very informative and fun! The health and well-being team at the Uni are amazing and get back to you the same day which is so helpful. There's always a smiling friendly face to help you out when needed and it's such a small community atmosphere it feels just like home!

1 November 2018

Small university which is beneficial for many reasons, more one to one teaching and a lot of support for both learning as well as personal issues. Family like atmosphere, where anyone would help if you needed it. Good library and learning facilities, easily accessible career facility. And excellent mental health support. Good studio spaces for fine art course, approachable lecturers who are keen to help and have your best interests at heart.

1 November 2018

Small university but so much better. Campus is all together so easy to get around and find lecture halls. Course is intense and very big so it is hard to make friends. Student union have loads to offer especially with sports. Never used career services as of yet but heard they are good. I'm glad I came to ysj as lecturers are always there to help not having to wait ages for help at well-being would recommend more computers in the library as there isn't another for the amount of students

1 November 2018

The campus is convenient and easily accessible with all buildings only a very short walk from each other. Careers services are extremely helpful with potential prospects being emailed to us weekly. Only issue is some of the lecture and seminar rooms are small for the class.

1 November 2018

The university, all in one campus is unique, academic and has a wide spread of new and old buildings. It is well maintained, good facilities and has everything a university needs from a state of the art library to student services.

1 November 2018

Campus is always clean and easy to navigate, lecturers are friendly and always eager to help. Lots of options in canteen for various dietary requirements.

1 November 2018

I am studying criminology with police studies. The lecturers are all really helpful but some of the seminar tutors could be better. I love the content of the course and it is as I expected. The uni is fab with lots of facilities

1 November 2018

York St. John univeristy is not a very big university but that's the best thing because we students do not have to walk a lot from one place to another and that is much easier. The facilities provided for everything are second to none. I am I. The basketball team and that is one of my best things that I am doing as a student.

1 November 2018

Good facilities and nice small close knit campus. Better range of modules on course would be beneficial as some modules are covering the same topics. Overall course is good, more contact hours could be beneficial. Karaoke Saturdays and pound a pint at the student union on a Saturday is worth going to.

1 November 2018

I have had the best time at YSJ! All the friends I've made and memories shared, I wouldn't change a thing!

13 August 2018

YSJ is a fab uni. We have a great looking campus, a three storey library, and amazing lecturers. The student union has something going on every night e.g movie nights, pound a pint, doubles for singles, quiz nights, karaoke and more!

7 June 2018

Small uni, but big enough to meet loads of different people. Subject choice is good. Student union has events on everyday of the week which is a nice break from the library

30 April 2018

This University is awesome and I’m glad for having my Final year Bachelor degree program at this university. The facilities in this university are very good and the staff at here is friendly

24 April 2018

A great university with small teaching groups, amazingly supportive staff and a wealth of resources and funding to do what you need to do to be successfull. Everyone cares about each other and I believe YSJ is truly special.

23 April 2018

I’ve studies criminology for a year now and I must say that all the lecturers are really good and content is interesting.

17 April 2018

A great university for anyone who does not want to go to a university that has thousands of students and a big campus. YSJ boasts a compact, modern campus that has a range of facilities incorporated with beautiful architecture. Independent learning is widely encouraged and a friendly face is at every corner!

8 April 2018

The Student’s Union is very inclusive of everyone on campus. The campus grounds are accessible for everyone to walk through including members of the general public meaning that links can be formed between the univeraity and the wider community.

3 April 2018

My university is amazing! The support from lecturers, the students union and fellow students is well appreciated! The campus is a safe and fun environment, with an amazing libaray, canteen and SU bar. I am happy with my decision to study at YSJ and would recommend to anyone wanting to study in the north, for a memorable time!

1 April 2018

It was pretty good, lots of nice kept buildings, friendly staff and the like. Definatly would study there again

29 March 2018

Small Univeristy but very friendly, close to the city where there is lots to do. Courses are rather small but that’s a good thing as it means you can get to know your lecturers and vice versa.

15 March 2018

York St John is a small uni, but that gives it a very homely and warm feel. The facilities are great for my course (physio) having two labs full of equipment required to set us up for placement and teach us everything we may need. The tutors are great and willing to answer any questions if you have any, and would be willing to help you out if you feel behind or in trouble.