University of York

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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


2 November 2018

A clear timetable was sent out which made moving in and freshers week really enjoyable as everyone's knew what was going on and there was events for everyone

2 November 2018

York have what are called STYCs which stand for second and third year contacts and two are assigned to every flat/house and they help you move in and look after you during freshers. They do icebreakers between you and your new flat mates and they take you to the clubs and make sure everyone gets home safe. My only complaint is that it was very alcohol focussed.

2 November 2018

Good way of having the freshers fully involved by having second and third years guide the freshers all week long.

2 November 2018

On arrival to my college there were 2nd and 3rds happy to help me move my stuff into my dorm which made the process much easier. Having settled in, at night before going to the club night organised we had 2nd Years come to our flat and take us around and stick with us through the night. This was helpful especially when getting the bus. The club nights themselves were good with good themes.

2 November 2018

Unsure about college-specific events, but uni-wide ones were very accessible. Freshers fair allowed you to learn about and join as many societies as you liked. I did not go to any non-drinking events so cannot comment on that, but the drinking events were amazing! I met so many people both in my first year and second.

2 November 2018

Freshers week overall was quite an enjoyable one. Moving in day at my University was so easy and simple. There were many current students offering to help Freshers move in and collect key documents and everyone was incredibly friendly in Constantine. The events themselves at the uni of York depend on what College you're in. So at Constantine, we had things like 50 shades night whilst other colleges like Derwent had a zoo night. There was events for both drinkers and non drinkers so everyone had something to do which was good. In terms of meeting new people, I found everyone to be willing to speak to others and introducing yourself to your flatmates, no matter how intimidating it might seem, will do wonders. It does seem weird at first going out with people you don't really know but by the end of the week you've gone through so much that it becomes more comfortable. The main thing I didn't like about Freshers week was the STYC system as it felt like I was being babysat but apart from that it was decent. P.s. your college chant will be stuck in your head all week and you become annoyingly involved in college politics/stereotypes

2 November 2018

There were a variation of activities during the day and you get a second/third year to go to these activities with you, as well as taking you to nights out and helping people get home

2 November 2018

I feel as though there could have been more activists to do during the daytime, other than that it was great

2 November 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my fresher's week experience, our Second Year Contacts made the transition into University life so easy! However, the on campus events could have been better.

2 November 2018

The move in experience was straightforward and very organised . Freshers more geared towards to drinking culture and partying . If that's not your thing , then make a conscious effort to research as those events exist but are not marketed heavily compared to club events

29 June 2018

It was fun with lots of Nightlime events and lots of new people to meet. Everyone was quite friendly and although I experienced culture shock at first it quickly left when I met my first group of friends. Everyone was really open and friendly and the events were top notch ranging from club nights to movie nights to game nights to dog petting day time events and of course the freshers fair. My advice to everyone will be to be as open and friendly as possible. Hey

28 June 2018

The uni has a scheme called Stycs- these are second and third year contacts who are assigned to your flat in freshers week and take you out- they definitely help you to meet more people and help settle you in!

17 June 2018

So much fun meeting new people and getting involved with loads of new activities, it was amazing to be able to go to so many events with new housemates and have an incredible time

15 June 2018

I was an international student from Japan. I was a bit concerned about Freshers, because I don’t drink loads. In the end, there were plenty of fun activities that didn’t involve going out and getting super drunk, so I was pretty happy

11 June 2018

Freshers at york was done really well! We had planned activities for a full 7 days and was never pushed into participating and there was alternatives for people that didn't want to go out (movie nights, game night etc) each house was assigned a groups of STYC's (second third year contact) that came out with you (ours were great just like extra mates on a night out) they pre drank with us but just helped us get our bearings on a night out and made sure we all got home safely. We had a slight issue on the first night as our college moved in before any other so there wasn't much going on, a big bbq was promised but never happened. Other than that I thought york did freshers really well, with something for everyone

5 June 2018

York freshers week started off great. STYCs were around to help move us in and made the process really easy. The club nights were very similar and there wasn't much variety but overall it was a great experience.

4 June 2018

Move in experience: very smooth, blocks had set times for moving in so never too crowded, and queues to pick up keys were very quick. Second year students volunteered to help carry stuff up to rooms. Events: really good timetable of events with something for everyone both day and night time. Was really good for getting to know flat mates.

29 April 2018

Met some really great people and had a lot of fun. The freshers week events were fun but were literally the exact same as the events which run all year round.

22 April 2018

Freshers week was packed with lots of activities including clubbing and events during the day. There was something for everyone and the general vibe of the first week was one of inlcuisivity and positivity. All of this was made better with the help of second and third year contacts too. They helped us around campus and the city, making sure every fresher felt safe and welcome. A great way to make everyone's transition to uni more comfortable.

22 April 2018

The moving in was well organised and went smoothly. Freshers events weren’t great. There was a choice of only two things per night, usually a club night and another activity.

22 April 2018

Having designated people from the uni to take everyone out and to stay in contact with all week was helpful but there wasn’t much info on other events other than the big club nights so u could miss out on some nice chill events due to them not telling you about them/not taking people there however they did seem to encourage people to mingle so all was swell

22 April 2018

Freshers week was not at ALL what I expected! Sure, there was just as much drinking as everyone said, with glitter themes, singing on the bus and ruthless games of never have I ever. But the amount of daytime activities, such as barbecues, and also evening, non-drinking activities really impressed me. At York there is a system called STYCs where second years who used to live in your flat, redo Freshers to show you where everything is, give you all the tips on the best takeaways, and just organise your life whilst you settle in. I soon realized none of my friends had this, and honestly wondered how they coped!! Freshers week was a blast, and I can't wait till next year!

21 April 2018

Freshers week at york is run by the colleges. They have a system called STYCs (second and third year contacts) which works amazingly. It means when you move in there are loads of people from your college there waiting to help you get your stuff upstairs and then later to show you the clubs! The nights are great, although different from other uni’s, they are cheesy and this works great. Because you are in colleges you have a specific college freshers tshirt on so it is easy to find other freshers and STYCs from your college throughout the week. Useful tip: keep in contact with your STYCs, they make great friends through the rest ofuni and know how everything works!!

17 April 2018

The move-in itself was very friendly and well organised; upon arriving at Halifax College, I was met by a STYC that showed me to my room and helped with luggage. The first day was very exciting and I enjoyed the STYCs organising all of my flatmates just chatting and hanging out in the kitchen. The week itself was awful, though. As someone who had never really had any experience with alcohol, all of the events were alcohol and club related. I felt out of my depth during the evenings and lonely throughout the days. The Freshers band also cost £40- a total rip off for nothing but club nights! I was unable to attend Freshers fair because the line to enter building was waaay too long. I'd recommend going to your course inductions and joining societies- that's how I made pals since clubbing wasn't my thing. However, it's great if you ARE into clubbing! Just would have appreciated more variety.