Loco Show Co. (Musical Theatre Society)



Loco Show Co was my main highlight of university. It was a fun, friendly atmosphere and a perfect stress-free solution from my studies. So join if you want to time of your life whilst meeting the best bunch of crazy people. #LocoLove


Such an enjoyable experience and something I’d recommend to anyone. I’ve made friends for life and wouldn’t see my uni life without it.


This society is very well organised and enjoyable to be a part of, the committee member are diplomatic and fair with all member as well as ensuring we members have a good time.

Stephanie Jenkins

I joined in my second year and I immediately felt like a part of a the Loco Family! I met amazing people who had the same interests as me and I loved being part of the performances! Panto at Christmas and a musical before the summer break! Rehearsals were always a barrel of laughs, even when I hit my face of a table! In my third year I was on committee for LOCO as Members Rep! I made sure all members were happy and supported, I was approachable if ever anyone need me! I finished Worcester in May this year and I got a lead role in our Musical (Disco Infernoo) I played Lady Marmalade! It bought out my confidence, I sang onstage! I got positive comments about it so I didn’t do too bad! I have made amazing friend because of joining a society! LOCO also won society of the year last year, being on committee and receiving this award was awesome! LOCO have a brilliant work ethic, they understand that uni is priority and yet you need that wellbeing, time for yourself! Rehearsals and events are always very organised! Last years social secs organised LOCOs first ever theatre trip to so Throughly Modern Milly at the Alexander Theatre in Birmingham! Brilliant! We collaborated with the SU with events and the most popular being Halloween scarefest and Karaoke Lip Syn Battle! Some LOCO. Members worked in Alexander’s for Halloween and that had been an ongoing thing since 2014! Socials were an I always went extra I am a drama graduate so clearly I love fancy dress! Have to say I made Boo from Monsters Inc in her monster costume, it took a lot of time, paint and fabric mops to make but it looked amazing! I am currently studying at BCU and I miss my Loconians so much! There will always be a place for LOCO in my heart!