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3 July 2018

At the Harrow campus of Media and arts, it features all the best facilities you can ask for! They always have up to date equipment and always strive to provide for you and your course needs.

30 June 2018

Really good teaching and facilities, however, it lacks a community feel and could do with being a lot more social.

23 June 2018

One of the worst universities for organisation, feedback is always late, all lecturers don't understand that overuse of unnecessary content is NOT good. Seriously need to understand they're not even top of any leaderboards, the brunt of the workload should not be so dense. Of course that does not mean that university level content and teaching should not be provided, but an overdose of content that wouldn't even be used in an examination is stupid really. Shoutout to Lorna for putting probably 100 years worth of genetics content into one module and expecting us to memorise it all, you're a fool. Also, Tony Magdick, you're a pretentious, philosophy loving bastard and you should probably be less cryptic and condescending when it comes to teaching, and probably try and engage with the students you facist bigot, your parents must have taught you no manners, they're probably just as bad as you, sincerely hope you die and find out there is a hell and that you rot in hell for eternity as your soul is ripped from your body and torn into a million pieces where you feel such immense pain you suffer from cardiac arrest and die horribly, only to be reconfigured and have it happen to you all over again worse than the time it was before.

22 June 2018

The teachers are really good and help in anyway that they can, the fact that we have a Costa on campus is so useful especially when I have a 9am start

21 June 2018

Campus and course is great! Some modules might be looking useless but general experience is very good. Convenient location (a variety of places to eat around campus) good facilities, lots of IT labs, a lot of support from staff, active student union. Very good assessment system, didn’t have any problems with timetable (no long gaps). Library usually too full so it’s hard to find space, especially in silent study area.

21 June 2018

Campus' are in a prime location and are modern clean. Unfortunately I don't hear much of the student Union or careers services and therrfore don't have much of an understanding of what happens in that area. The University is good enough though there is a lack of support for students with mental health issues. Lecture theatres could be improved as some are rather old and uncomfortable. Cheaper meals would be a wonderful option too for students who may not be able to afford £6+ meals every day.

18 June 2018

My campus is quite small and doesn't really have a campus vibe, most people just come to their classes and lectures and then leave. The facilities are not bad but the faculty can seem quite disorganised.

17 June 2018

The registry is unorganised, everyone gets their grades and they forget to send me e-mails, some lecturers are racists and the rsnking isnt too good. Some MSc programmes are ok but it depends on the faculty

17 June 2018

During my undergraduate years at the Cavendish campus, the university has made essential changes and improved facilities. There is now a large social space, great for chilling in between breaks. I just wish they emphasised and convinced me more to join societies. I joined one but hardly anyone went and nothing much happened. Maybe there should be more freedom for creating our own societies in the student union.

14 June 2018

High level lecturers willing to help you at all times and guide you to get to your goal, intensive practice and tools. Good facilities and equipment.

12 June 2018

The studied commercial music performance. The course was great in most aspects. It was engaging and fun, and I developed as an artist. But I feel as though it wasnt very challenging and didn't help me with getting a job in the music industry.

10 June 2018

The university of westminster is really good im in my second year going into third in September i have learned alot throughout these 2 years made friends and met some really nice teachers.

10 June 2018

The Harrow media campus is a nice refurbished building and the facilities are great! Stuff are friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend the film and television production course, you learn a lot of skills and theories

8 June 2018

The law campus at little titchfield street could be bigger. I felt that because of the small space we as students could not interact with another. Especially since th cafeteria area was small too. The course itself was good depending on the tutor you got.

8 June 2018

My time at the University of Westminster was great. I studied Commercial Music BHONS, I met great friends and learned a lot of skills and techniques which I got to experiment in the studio. Unfortunately, I only spent a year at university as I had matters out of my hand to tend to. But I would recommend this uni for its facilities and utmost quality of time and love they invest into students.

8 June 2018

The University has 4 campuses in London Regents, Cavendish, Marlybone and Harrow. I study at Regents campus, it is a great place to study and the location is very good. The campus is close to many shops, cafes and bars. Our library,where you can study is located in another building about 5 min away. The student union organises events regularly where you can meet other students and have fun. The career development centre will help you with CV, interviews and volunteering. The organisation is ok but can be improved for example it takes them a long time sometimes to get to you about your results, etc.

7 June 2018

Overall, I would rate the university 8/10 as a law student majority of my lecturers are barristers or solicitors so it’s nice to have their input which you would only find with a London university. Similarly, the night life in London is 24/7 however, a lot more expensive than campus university’s, however wicked student nights always host the best events at top clubs with £1 entry and £2 drinks all night! As for student union and freshers... well being in London there’s not one campus and there are many campus’s spread across London there seems to be a favourite campus which is where majority of the events and sports take place, which isn’t mine however London is very accessible tubes can take you anywhere so it’s not too bad to travel. If I was to go back to enrolling for university I would definetely stick with a London university as it gives me a head start with popular work experience and jobs however, as a commuter I do miss the night life but I am happy with my choice

6 June 2018

Good campus location however a lot of lecturers in the science faculty are not good at lecturing, lots of broken science equipment and not enough money spent on the labs. Not enough resources available in the library. Some lecturers are really helpful however a lot are either condescending or mostly unavailable.

4 June 2018

The course were good and easy and able to learn from and the facility was good dorms were a little awful but that’s the least to say cuz I was able to make it good

4 June 2018

Its a good university with a great location. There's lots of support academically with a great emphasis on mentoring. Career services are introduced in the beginning and there are many systems in place to aid career enhancement.

1 June 2018

It’s a really nice environment The lectures and the staff is really nice and helpful and it’s a good place to learn and grow

3 May 2018

It's a pretty good university in terms of study content. Very flexible scheduling. But need to be little more planned in terms of events and timetables.

3 May 2018

The campus layout is designed very well and directions are provided. This has made transporting around the campus very easy. I study business and finance, the modules timetables are all on the same day which motivates the students to attend more.

3 May 2018

Good University overall, module leaders could do more to engage students. 5 days for mitigating circumstances is not enough.