University of Ulster

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


13 November 2018

I had a great experience moving in and enjoying nights out with friends. It was even better being able to go to university and make loads of friends also. I am enjoying it so much.

13 November 2018

Move in experience was great as I met so many new people. Events were very well planned and the craic was 90!!!

12 November 2018

It was really fun I met some new people and got some free stuff worth the time and money I would recommend it to anyone who wants to go to it to meet new people and get new stuff

12 November 2018

Great variety of activities available and allowed me to feel very comfortable and relaxed with my new student life. Allowed me to meet friends that I feel I will have for life.

27 June 2018

Freshers week was so much fun! I met so many new people and friends for life! On top of that there were great events and activities to take part in!

23 June 2018

The move in experience was fairly simple, we decided to rent privately instead of through the university! This process was straight forward and we put down our deposit and first month of rent. Within our first few weeks we were guided around the university and attended fresher’s fair. At this event we signed up to a moisturise of societies and was a great way to meet fellow students and make new friends. During the evening’s we attended the anchor bar and it was a good vibe and fun time to spend together.

7 June 2018

Upon moving into university I was expecting alot of independence and was looking forward to having my own home, the night life is great the accommodation itself is fantastic as it's newly built halls (john bell house, Belfast)

4 June 2018

Freshers week is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and have great fun! Especially for those moving to university in a new place without their friends, this gives them the chance to meet new people and form new friendships!

30 March 2018

When moving into the halls accommodation it was very exciting. We were offered leaflets on helpful information and the many different activities that were taking place in the following week. They had certain events to help encourage both flatmates and others to socialise such as free pizza at quiz nights and for block wars. The night life in Derry is amazing and everyone is so friendly as they are both as nervous as everyone else meeting new people in the first few weeks. In my experience with my flatmates we had the best of craic we were more like a family than anything else and it really made the uni experince. The nightlife in Derry is both very fun and cheap and would definitely recommend going to Sugar, Quays and Martha’s.

28 March 2018

Was good fun met loads of new people and partied hard lol, couldn’t of thought of anything better to break in the start of uni