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3 November 2018

Sussex is welcoming and inclusive. My course (International Development BA Hons) is amazing, the lecturers and tutors are super interesting to listen to and their teaching is insightful.

3 November 2018

Great good amazing lovely and peaceful it's amazing so far and I'm enjoying it even better!!! I am enjoying everything so far! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

3 November 2018

My Uni has really good deals for all the students. For eg. Every Tuesday there is Falmer market where one can buy fresh and relatively cheap vegetables and fruits. Also there are 200 different societies which includes almost all fields and every week there are events organized by these societies. My favourite is Dog walking society and as the campus is really big there are good places for such activities and other sports too. There is also a Buddy scheme event which has interesting set of events like Yoga, Zumba, Ballet and its free for all students.

3 November 2018

I love it here! It's amazing, educational and very fun. I have learnt a lot about this place and I have found it very easy to co exist among people different from me

3 November 2018

Really like the university it has great facilities however I think that it could really improve the student union as there is not much to it? Maybe add a Club as that will really up it's game

3 November 2018

Really good university which has immense support and counseling for students, always looking out for the welfare of individuals and putting their emotions first before the work and allowing them to work at their own pace and push them. Great facilities and campus, although the shops on site are very very expensive

3 November 2018

Brilliant environment to work in as well as socialise, due to the number of cafes and study spaces. Two brilliant bars, with great food and good prices. Speaking as a maths student, the course I take is very well structured to help you succeed without it being too easy!

3 November 2018

The university is everything I expected. Great location and facilities, lovely atmosphere, overall amazing experience. My degree has great teaching and lecturers, I'm in between 20-30 hours a week - definitely worth the money.

3 November 2018

This one of the best university which offer so much support for international student and teaching facilities make them outstanding from other university in their level .

3 November 2018

In my first year at Sussex I lived on campus, and it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend anyone to do this in their first year at uni, because you make a lot of friends, and especially at Sussex because it has a lot of social spaces, events and clubs. My course is a difficult one, but it is well taught.

3 November 2018

In terms of social activities there is something for everyone. The campus is great, good vibes, the course I was on was well run and worth the money

3 November 2018

As a part of London BIMM, the univeristy is incredible, course material and staff are still current in the music industry and staff sometimes still tour! There's hundreds of opportunities for students to work within the industry alongside studying, yore encouraged to network and collaborate with other students and there are so many events and masterclasses with seriously high up musicians and industry links. If you want to pursue a career in the music industry, look no further. BIMM is the place to be.

3 November 2018

The university of sussex offers literally anything a stufent could require. The chocie of on campus restaurants is flexible. The staff are always around to offer advice, as well as get back to you via email. The student support unit is kitted out for wvwryones needs, making a welcoming environment for anyone anywhere to study stress free.

8 July 2018

The campus is great, has what you need but also compact and easy to get around. Nice bars and food outlets. Great course with enthusiastic lecturers

5 July 2018

Course studied: BA Geography The dedication and enthusiasm of staff across the department is outstanding. Not only are lectures stimulating and challenging, but they're given by every member of faculty - you won't just hear of so-and-so infamous scholar based at Sussex, you'll get to experience their teaching first hand. But Sussex isn't just about getting good grades; staff recognise and value you as an individual. Don't understand something? Non-academic questions, concerns or problems? Staff are approachable for any issue - big or small. Often I'd meet up with lecturers for lunch, a walk, or coffee; gone are the days of stuffy offices or quick questions in class. Exceptional all round experience over 3 years.

19 June 2018

Great support and teaching. The societies are good aswell. Nightlife is good and Brighton’s great fun to live in

18 June 2018

The campus is situated in the middle of the Sussex downs so it's really beautiful. It's far enough from the main town that you get a good campus experience but also close enough so you don't miss out on the great nightlife of Brighton. We have a huge 24 hour library and the students' union is really passionate about student experience, always hosting interesting and exciting events.

18 June 2018

Beautiful campus just chilling in the middle of the South Downs, everything around campus is really green and the all the buildings look really pretty as well. Great Student Union bars, shame that they are getting rid of the beloved East Slope though (RIP). What more can I say...? Oh yeah there are loads of baby rabbits that run around campus at night as well

10 June 2018

Love the one campus environment that sussex offers surrounded by the South downs and close to the sea with great night life

7 June 2018

Medical school: Plenty of support from staff Interesting modules and early patient contact Plenty of placements throughout years 1 and 2 followed by 3 fully-clinical years Campus is very lively and the library is great for revision. Night life is very good.

5 June 2018

Very good uni, students union dont do much but the bars are good, quality of courses is good. Would like the students union to put more good events on

19 April 2018

I study at BIMM London. My Music Business course has been validated by the University of Sussex. I really like studying here. I believe my tutors are very knowledgeable and I'm learning as I've never learned before. All the resources are appropriate and the learning pace is correct. Never had an issue. Currently working on my assessments and I'm quite enjoying handling them. It's the first time I have such a great time on my studying and researching.

18 April 2018

The campus is beautiful and well maintained, particularly in the summer. My course (English Language and Linguistics) is well run and well organised. The lecturers are all incredibly experienced in what they do and go out of their way to help everybody.

9 April 2018

The campus is perfect, plenty of green spaces, a co-op and places to eat! East Slope and Falmer Bar are great places to eat and have a few drinks, whilst Eat Central is good for a quick hot lunch. My course is brilliant, very engaging and very good lecturers! Overall, a brilliant uni with a perfect balance of a great social life and great teaching.