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3 November 2018

Sussex is a nice campus with lots of facilities. However, the uni needs to improve its teaching quality.

3 November 2018

The campus is nice, not the most modern overall and some what old fashioned but some new facilities. The course isn't run that smoothly and feels a bit up in the air at times, but with contact made it can be organised. The student union is great, very inclusive and raises awareness of current issues while giving everyone the opportunity to join.

3 November 2018

A good uni, great location and nightlife. Big library but can be hard to find study spaces. Accommodation is overpriced but thats common with most universities

3 November 2018

Overall the university and faculty is great, the staff is really friendly and help you out with whatever you need related to the course or anything else.

25 June 2018

Really dependent on course I feel, I did both my UG and PG studies here. For my undergrad they were very supportive of me needing to retake a year due to health concerns and facilitated this well. However, academically I barely had any contact time with academic advisors. For my PG I don't feel my course was very well organised and we weren't told enough about assignments/getting our results proved a bit of a shambles. Additionally, they wouldn't issue any parking permits which made life pretty hard getting to and from campus if you didn't live in brighton like myself.

8 June 2018

Basically the university is a rip off just like any other, only in it to make as much cash as possible and give money to the underseving staff including the vice chancellor who literally does nothing

1 May 2018

The student care is not up to scratch with what it should be. All in all the halls (except those that are extortionate in terms of prices) are not liveable and should not be offered in the state that they are in. I have been sorely disappointed with how administration staff and many lecturers have treated myself and other students. Some academics are amazing and the clubs and societies are very good! I think people choose this University for the location, as Brighton is such an incredible place, however the actual University is below average.

15 March 2018

Everything is close by on campus so you don’t have to walk too far and there’s loads of societies to take part in but the student bars aren’t that amazing and a bit pricey, could do with a proper SU and some new facilities.