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14 November 2018

The move-in experience could have been better organised as finding my flat was difficult with little instruction on how to find it. The freshers week itself was very enjoyable, if a little expensive but it was great that it encorperated clubs in brighton city and the pier party was great and very well organised :-)

14 November 2018

I was worried that I'd feel left out because I hadn't bought wristbands, but I went to so many free campus bar events that I had a great time and made so many friends. I also just went clubbing with my new friends, rather than be restricted to a wristband.

14 November 2018

The move in process was easy once you collect your key and meeting my new flat mates was fun, we would go out together as a flat to the freshers events. The freshers week events were fun especially the ones arranged by the student union.

14 November 2018

Freshers events were very good both on and off university. Loads of tips for new students and opportunities to meet new people. Clubs offered a range of nights to have fun and introduce you to the uni experience

13 November 2018

Move-in experience was alright, only problem was that my sink had a hole in it and still has not been fixed 10 weeks later. The parties were good, however a bit overpriced. I managed to meet a lot of new interesting people that have similar interests to me. Only too I have is to not go in with very high expectations because everyone has different experiences

13 November 2018

We never recieved on campus accommodation so I couldn't review the moving in process. In terms of events, I feel like the wristband was quite overpriced in comparison to competing packages such as the jaeger wristband or Sussex bundle. The events available were very diverse and had something for everyone to do

13 November 2018

Lots to do, plenty of societies to get involved in lots of freebies! It's a great opportunity for everyone and freshers fair is a good example of this. Also loved the pier party and the box set brunch - good mix of alcohol and non alcoholic events so appeals to everyone

25 June 2018

Student union put on 1 event (festival), the rest was externally organised in town. Good to meet new people but wouldn't class it as any better than a usual night out.

21 June 2018

Great moving experience, made us feel welcome by giving us presents and organise different events, like a welcoming party. The festival on the second day was amazing, with the kind of music that I like. The pier party was awesome as I was actually expecting to be honest. Overall, a great week, with unforgetable moments. A week when I made most of my new friends.

27 April 2018

freshers week gave everyone the chance to meet other students from all the university of brighton campuses. impressive line up of events taking place in the union and campus

18 April 2018

The move in experience was amazing. Sussex prepared a week packed with so many different kinds of activities ranging from tea parties and long walks to bar crawls in town and jungle parties with performances from the likes of big narstie. They really encourage you to go discover yourself and the people you’re living with.

12 April 2018

Moving in was much more fun and exciting than it was scary. You begin chatting to the people around you instantly and within an hour or to you will be on your way to the main freshers event. There you'll meet more students and likely to find friends that you'll stick with throughout the year. The uni was helpful in helping out freshers.

8 April 2018

It was good there was a lot of choices to choose from such as night club to a variety of food. It’s hard for those who commute from home to university as it’s difficult to indulge the fun activities to provide for those who live far

29 March 2018

Was a fun way to get to know more people and learn what the nicer places to go within the uni were. The society that I joined was specifically friendly and I met most of my friends there, would recommend

24 March 2018

Not worth buying UoS freshers wristband and BSMS medsoc one- not enough time BSMS wristband- doesnt really save you that much, should introduce us to all bars on campus

24 March 2018

I had loads of fun during freshers’, everyday there was a wide variety of events during both day and night and I got to meet many people with my same interests beyond getting to know my own flatmates.