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14 November 2018

Overall it was a good experience to meet new people and made settling in easier, however there was an emphasis on purchasing tickets to events before moving in and so many people in the flat didn't have tickets or didn't end up using their tickets

14 November 2018

Fresher's week was amazing in terms of meeting new people. Because of the events available on and off campus sponsored by the university it gave everyone a chance to open up and meet others without being afraid of confrontation. I think in terms of prices the tickets and whatnot were overpriced and could have been more affordable for students. I reckon more students would have attended certain events had the costs been more subsidized. A useful tip I would give to new students is to really get out there especially during fresher's week and not to be afraid of introducing themselves to people (even randomly) because everyone is in the same boat and looking to make friends.

13 November 2018

My moving in experience was quite simple and quick. There were so many event going on during freshers week. There were events for everyone, people who love clubbing, drinking and even for the people who just wanted a quiet night in. When it comes to making friends don't be shy, going to uni is a new experience for everyone so everyone is gonna feel the same way as you. I guess it helps if you know people that go to your uni but if you don't know anybody make friends with your flat mates. That's what I did. They were really nice and we ended up going shopping together on the first day.

13 June 2018

I was put in a house mansged by the uni off-campus, so there was very little help or guidance available after collecting keys. We were meant to be visited by housing reps, but no one ever got in contact past an initial generic "welcome" email. Apparently there were activities running on campus from the night that we moved in, but we weren't informed. This all made meeting people during freshers very difficult as most people had already formed groups within their accommodation.

2 May 2018

The overall set up was nice and coherent and offered a wide range of stalls. Each stall discussed societies and socials to participate in university and answered questions about General uni life.

19 April 2018

Average, tailored toward mainstream clubbing and less so more unique and different events would be good to have a wider range

27 March 2018

There are a few amazing events (e.g. pier party), and the events team in the students' union are amazing. However, the university just doesn't put enough effort in, and our freshers is much smaller compared to other universities. There is also (as ever) too much of a pressure to get outrageously drunk. Realistic alternatives, that students will actually want to attend, would be nice.