The University of Surrey

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Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


15 November 2018

I met my flatmates pretty quickly and they were all wonderful so i settled in really easily. I enjoyed club nights at rubix even though i fainted during scouting for girls, but the security and medical team were super friendly and helpful.

15 November 2018

At Rubix ,the club on campus, there was something every night with really good guests such as Example and Krept and Konan with different themes every night. The nights out in town were really good aswell with lethal bizzle and bugzy malone!

15 November 2018

Very smooth move in experience, Range of activities and parties for freshers week, perfect to get to know fellow students

14 November 2018

Really exciting, not only when you're year 1 but also year 2 and 3. My favourite it's Freshers Fair.

9 July 2018

Freshers week was good, but slightly over priced. Tickets were easily accessible for the nightclub and there were great events organised throughout the week.

8 July 2018

Very well organised freshers week with plenty of cheerful volunteers helping with the move-in experience. Great events to socialise as well as have a great time!

13 June 2018

My freshers week was absolutely great! We had loads of fun and u especially loved the fact that spoons is only a few minutes away

10 June 2018

My dad came with me because we thought that it would be difficult to settle in, however, we were extremely surprised that everything was so well organized! There were 'Surrey Angels' who facilitated the the moving-in process by showing you around and helping you with the luggages! There were events every day and every night where you make a lot of new friends because everyone went out to meet new people! A fresher should definitely go to at least one of the nights at Rubix in order to experience the true student life! Freshers Fair is also great because you can get involved in so many different societies and make even more friends! There is also a Freshers Fair for part-time work with a lot of companies for students who would like to find a job! Overall, Freshers week was an absolutely amazing experience and the best start of my student life which I will never forget! Don't you dare missing it!

4 June 2018

The move in experience was easy and guided well, there was a range of events available at the students union however needs a wider range of music genre nights such as house, techno, drum and bass and bass line.

26 April 2018

I’m part time so never moved in but it’s amazing freshers week was awesome all the people are nice and friendly. And I have made loads of new friends and I’m sure the rest of the full timers who stay on campus would say the same thing as well.

25 April 2018

I was scared before moving out to the uni, but there was literally nothing to worry about! The uni organised many workshops, tours and meetings so everyone could know each other from the start. The environment was super welcoming, open and friendly because we were all “in the same boat”. I will never regret having chosen this uni because of the effort it puts so everyone can fit in.

20 April 2018

Meet some great people, people your with make uni by far, the events at Surrey can be dead but if you have good people your be fine, you don’t need to buy any textbooks it’s a waste of money! Scam

18 April 2018

The freshers week hosted by the university was really very interactive as well as interesting. It made us aware of various important things such as help for any assignments because of different way of it here in UK. It had also gave us idea of different process of the university. I had personally made many new friends over here.

16 April 2018

The event was very well organised. Prior to the week , there was plenty of information and tickets available to purchase. In terms of parties, it was lit. Lots of different themed ones too. Sometimes got too crowded.

15 April 2018

Moving in is fun, there are people called freshers angels that help you through it all. You gotta just get out and meet people which will make the whole experience even better. Get to know what events people have tickets for. Its a bit boring that there is a lack of clubs so the nights can get repetitive but the acts kind of make up for it.

13 April 2018

It’s a fun week with loads of good events to go to if you want to get to know more people.

7 April 2018

While the moving in experience was great, the rest of the experience was mediocre. There were no big names on nights out, there was not much going on around campus, and the student box in our rooms was filled with strangely random things! The Surrey angels were great and really helped the moving in process - I was a lot less lost with their help! The societies were okay but didn't seem very supported by the university. All in all, it was okay - definitely could've been better though.

4 April 2018

The Freshers' week was memorable and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I only wish that I had gotten involved in more societies from the very start.