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The academic side of things are really top notch, and professors (especially after 2nd year) do really care about your progress in their field and have engaging lessons and lectures. However, the town does act as a bubble - which some people are proud of and they fit in nicely - but for someone who wants a bit more realistic experience of university (a diverse student population, a decent amount of choice of places to go out and eat or party, and some bit of anonymity when you want it) you may find the town itself lacking and slightly to insular.


The halls are disperate and some are over a mile away from the main facilities building, the teaching is good however it’s evident that younger staff and PhD students especially are pawned off on first and second year courses which leaves a lack of basic knowledge in th first instances. There are very little facilities in terms of shops etc, couldn’t even buy an umbrella today.


Our Student Union is very exclusive if you compare it to other universities especially because we are not a part of the NUS. Our Principal is very rude and dismissive of students when they do not agree with her or share the same views which I think is unacceptable. The town itself is wonderful but the lack of spaces in the library is appalling. You never get a seat in the library so you end up studying back in your flat. The professors themselves are usually very nice and caring.