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4 November 2018

Going to St. Andrews is one of the best choices I ever made. I've loved my time here so far. The town is small and has really nice community feel with virtually everyone you see either being a student, a university employee or a golfer. Obviously with it being such a small town this does impact the nightlife. Having said this there are still at least 3 decent nights out a week but don't be expecting Ministry of Sound nights out. However, in the absence of 7 nights out a week, the students here make their own nights, with house parties and pub crawls a regular feature of the social life here. It is also a university steeped in tradition which you can get involved in to whatever level you want but I would suggest you try and get involved as much as possible. On the whole St. Andrews is a fantastic small town university, the balance between work and life, in my eyes, makes it the best small town university in the UK.

4 November 2018

The campus is large enough that you don't get bored, and small enoguh that's you can walk literally everywhere. Facilities are amazing and there are a range of modules to choose from, especially in first year, where you can take up to two extra modules unrelated to your course.

4 November 2018

An excellent university. Great academics from all over the world produce great research and offer focused individual attention to students. The town of St Andrews is just a perfect place for studying, with little distraction and an outstandingly high quality of life.

4 November 2018

The campus facilities are great. The union is pretty good too however it does get very repetitive at times so it makes it a bit boring. Never tried the catered food but the accommodations are pretty comfortable.

4 November 2018

The campus is very spread out. The student union is decent, with super cheap food available there. Good experience overall! The facilities, though at times a bit old-fashioned, were generally clean and good.

4 November 2018

Excellent education at St Andrews. You are pushed mentally by all the lecturers and modules. It is great that there are so many joint degrees so you can mix your two favourite majors.

4 November 2018

Beautiful campus , super friendly and very helpful library staff - not too much space in the library though. Housing is a big expense to be considered.

4 November 2018

St. Andrews is a great university in part because of its location and in part because of its functioning. The lecturers are good, though lectures tend to be rather simple, and not very academically challenging. Tutorials sometimes are very useful and sometimes seem pointless, but they are ALWAYS fun. The location is beautiful and the town is a nice mix of necessity stores and cute cafes/ tourist shops. In order to get a well rounded and satisfactory education at St. Andrews you will have to be able to do work that is not required of you and to work independently.

4 November 2018

The academic side of things are really top notch, and professors (especially after 2nd year) do really care about your progress in their field and have engaging lessons and lectures. However, the town does act as a bubble - which some people are proud of and they fit in nicely - but for someone who wants a bit more realistic experience of university (a diverse student population, a decent amount of choice of places to go out and eat or party, and some bit of anonymity when you want it) you may find the town itself lacking and slightly to insular.

4 November 2018

St Andrews is an amazing university with high ratings in General. I've enjoyed the lectures in the chemistry department with the lecturers and tutors being helpful when needed. The university is in a small town but has a student union which is gererally pretty good. The student services and mental heath area could be a bit better.

4 November 2018

sports facilities excellent, new tennis courts - student union good, good tutorial classes. My course is highly flexible which is great as I changed subjects from history and international relations to economics. careers service is great especially for part time jobs.but sports facilities, no swimming pool.

27 September 2018


14 September 2018


28 August 2018

Transport system totally awesome Always amazed about the transport system because it is fast,cheap and reliable The food(s) is also nice because it contains the necessary nutrients students need for their day to day activities

17 August 2018

A great university with excellent teaching. Also has a good network system for different career choices too as the lecturers and professors are all experts in their field and welcome students for placements and projects.

24 June 2018

St Andrews itself is a beautiful town to live in, the beach, the sea, the incredible historic monuments and of course the famous golf course all help to make St Andrews an incredible place to live! The courses I have taken so far have been challenging occasionally but always engaging and interesting. I would recommend St Andrews to any student who wishes to work hard, push themselves and deepen their passion for learning.

23 June 2018

Really great uni I love it and find it fantastic in every way way imaginable it truly is very very great

10 June 2018

Beautiful campus, increadible research facilities and researchers. The university makes sure that there is always an abundance of internationally renouned speakers every week. The student union organised best events, there is something fun to attend every day.

8 June 2018

Teachers take time and care about every student. The level of teaching is very high! I also enjoy the fact that the town is very small and easy to get everywhere.

7 June 2018

The University is spread around the town which is beautiful and very quaint. It is a small town and quite insular but international at the same time. I study Arabic, German and English. I find the lectures useful at times but they can be a bit irrelevant.

4 June 2018

The university is well situated with good travel connections despite its remote location. It’s teaching quality is superb, it’s staff helpful and class sizes very small allowing excellent interaction. The module choices are varied enabling an array of topics to be covered.

9 May 2018

Everything is really close walking distance, with a friendly and close-knit atmosphere. The course variety and flexibility is amazing, with lots of different modules to choose from regardless of chosen degree path. The student union is great, with a variety of events and opportunities each week.

2 May 2018

As an educational experience, I have found my time at St Andrews to be outstanding. The town is beautiful and the traditions are great. My only negative comment is that often I find the university and the events here elitist, with events often costing £50+!

10 April 2018

The halls are disperate and some are over a mile away from the main facilities building, the teaching is good however it’s evident that younger staff and PhD students especially are pawned off on first and second year courses which leaves a lack of basic knowledge in th first instances. There are very little facilities in terms of shops etc, couldn’t even buy an umbrella today.