University of Southampton

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


16 November 2018

I expected a lot more from the fresher week but sadly it was a huge disappointment. The UV Rave was a huge letdown and events organized by the student union were way too expensive and way too bad.

16 November 2018

I think you should try and join as many societies to meet prior as you can but feel pressured to go to every event and don't buy tickets before hand. Go to what YOU want to and leave fomo behind!

16 November 2018

The move in was made easy by the older year student volunteers helping out. I moved into halls shared by 14 great people, and the events allowed us to click instantly and kept us so busy that people had no time to stop and feel homesick. Just make sure you get stuck in, being sociable from the start. I saw it became more difficult for people who waited a couple of nights, as friendships had already been made. They still managed in the long run though, it just required more effort. Remember to enjoy your first year; it's not too serious, but the later years are.

16 November 2018

Busy so not thinking about home too much Fun Engaging and enabled me to make friends easily and settle down with nerves. Met so mamy new people

9 July 2018

Events were wayyy too overpriced, they were just normal nights out for 5 times the price... Meeting flatmates was awesome and we had a courtyard in the block which was great to get to know the neighbours. My advice would be to have a big pre drinks and get to know as many people as possible, they will be your mates for the year.

12 June 2018

I don't really have anything to compare it too, but it was okay, there were events and socials which i went to a few of and there were quite good but they could be expensive

31 March 2018

Move in was very smooth and helpful with reps there to help move you in and answer questions. We then had a welcome meeting on our first night with talks from all of our halls reps and wellbeing staff. We collected tshirts and then went out for our first night together as taxis were organised by the halls reps. The rest of the two weeks included a wide variety of events that could appeal to many different people depending on their interests.

27 March 2018

Was fun, had a lot of nights out, I didn’t meet many of my loner term friends during freshers. More events to get students to integrate within halls would have been good.

27 March 2018

Lots going on and student reps did a good job showing us round. The events were expensive and not that good. Induction week was good and went on a field trip.

25 March 2018

Freshers Ball is way over priced if you don’t like clubbing, but you meet some great people there. Liberty Point is built in quite an anti social way. The doors auto lock and propping them open is frowned upon by the halls staff which really kills the vibe when you’re trying to organise the pre game and you spend half of it unlocking doors for people

23 March 2018

I would, if I were you, avoid freshers events like the plague. They're all a scam. The 'friends' you make in freshers aren't really your mates. Just leave off.