English Society



The English Society was the best society I've ever been a part of. I was a member for 4 years and a Committee Member for two of those. What made the English Society so great is the fact that it was a departmental society, so not only did we organise fantastic social events, we also created amazing opportunities for networking as well as making real changes to the English Department, improving way students engaged with their learning. The organisation of the society was always great because the Committee was always evenly split between experienced members and newer representatives, so you got a great balance in terms of both innovation and tradition. As one if the biggest societies at the SU with over 300 members, our events were always something to be envied, whether we organised a bar crawl, a ball, or an annual trio trip to a European city. We were really lucky when it came to resources and equipment, because the city and the University venues could host almost anything you required, whether it was a reference guidance session, a party, a charity event, anything! As a committee we were extremely resourceful.