The University of Reading

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


18 November 2018

I really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. It's an amazing week or two weeks in my case. We had a uv night, back to school night, animal night and many more. For new students is say go to as many as you can as it's a good way to meet new people and end the summer but to have fun before lectures begin.

18 November 2018

Move in was great really organised I had a great corridor of people. Being a doorstop yo keep your door open and meet more people.

18 November 2018

The move-in experience is nerve wracking yet exciting and everyone is in the same boat so everyone is usually friendly and it is easy to make new friends even if you are more on the quiet side, especially during freshers week!

18 November 2018

2 weeks of freshers was fun but it cost £90 which was super overpriced since entry was £5 each for 10 nights and also there were no weekend events included in the wristband.

18 November 2018

Awesome two weeks with lots of activities and events ranging from clubbing events, clubs and societies fair, career events and of course free foods !! Met a lot of friends as well in all the events

18 November 2018

Themed nights were pretty good, though most clubs were too small for the amount of people that went. Freshers wristband was pretty expensive for what you got, but it was worth gettting to make sure you got in to the clubs with your friends. Didnt meet as many people during freshers as i thought i would. Maybe the halls could do more social/icebreaker events. Didnt really go to much of the day studf but the freshers fayre was good

18 November 2018

There were quite a few events on that were useful and fun. Also there were quite a few elder students that were happy to talk and help you out regarding normal unidays and how to study and make most of your time at the uni. Also the uni itself is really good as the lecturers are well informed about their particular subjects. It's good overall.

18 November 2018

Freshers was the most enjoyable part of uni! Meeting new people was worrying but liked it in the end. Shame it only lasts 2 weeks

18 November 2018

Move in was quick and easy. Not as many unique events as I would imagine. Club venues very limited. Societies are fun.

18 November 2018

freshers was a fun and memorable experience, would recommend people to try and go to events and socials etc. However, I do think that the process of moving out, meeting new people and being away from home can be overwhelming and isolating for many people. I would advice new students to try and have fun but to also not feel bad about feeling lonely or wanting to call home!

9 July 2018

I had fun. It was nice to meet new friends and get to know the town. My move in experience was nice because my mum and my friend helped me move all my stuff in and make my room feel homely. I’d suggest being an open friendly person to everyone you meet as that Will help you find friends.

6 July 2018

Fresher's week was great ! the activities and nights out were all well organised by the JCRs at my halls of residence. It was a great way to meet new people and make lots of friends. There are opportunities for everyone.

23 June 2018

The moving in process was easy and exciting. There is many events running across the two week freshers, nights out, non alcoholic events and more. It's helpful to get to know your flat, and join some societies!

19 June 2018

Freshers week was a super crazy, there where so many events and things to do every day. I enjoyed the freshers fair and getting to see all the amazing societies they have at the university - so many to choose from. Was a great week!

12 June 2018

Reading have lots of events on, for all different types of students from mature to commuters. There is a wristband that is for sale for freshers but wouldn’t recommend buying it as you probably won’t go to all the events and some of the nights at rubbish. The uni has lots of fairs and has its own freshers ball which is amazing.

9 June 2018

Reading University freshers fortnight is well organised, each halls have their own events and you buy a wristband at the start of the week. Lots of events on with different fancy dress themes. The university really pushes you to meet people in freshers which is really good. Other than nights out, the university also has lots of other events during the day like the freshers fair where you can learn about the range of sports clubs and societies on offer. The only downside is that I would consider the wristband quite expensive, although it is worth the money if you’re planning to go to all the events.

5 June 2018

Moving in day was quick and organised, co op were handing out big boxes of freebies which was always a nice welcome gift. Events were organised with a wristband and freshers fortnight posters told us the themes and clubs each nights.

13 May 2018

Freshers is by far the best week of uni. Always pretty well organised and is the besy way to meet new people and bond with roommates.

3 May 2018

Overall I think freshers at a reading was a good experience for meeting new friends and getting to know your coursemates. I found the love in fairly smooth and the group of people I was living with are still come of my closest mates now! The freshers fair was good, they gave lots of free food! And it gave you a chance to sign up for socials and teams.

12 April 2018

Moving in was made relatively easy at Reading - you show up in your car, unload your things onto provided trolleys at the drop off area, and then whoever’s driving has to go and park the car in your allocated area whilst you take your things to your halls. One thing about fresher’s week: there are going to be loads of events on with loads of different people. Don’t just stick with those in your flat - once you’re out and about be nice and friendly and smile at everyone! Be open to going out with random new people - the more people you meet in freshers (and through society taster sessions) the easier it’ll be to a) find a friend group that fits! And b) not be constrained to one group. You never know what might happen and it’s nice to have many different friends. Basically don’t limit yourself, even if it may be the easiest thing to do! And don’t worry about not having everything straight away, you get get your kitchen / bedroom stuff really cheaply from your local supermarkets / online. Mattress toppers are a must!

10 April 2018

Really good! Was a great week. Would do it again. Different night every night. Next freshers are very fortunate even those who start in hotels.

30 March 2018

My experience was positive! I got to meet a lot of people and there's always great events going on in Reading clubs and Union. Events include fresher's week, summer balls, winter balls and local Reading clubs include Q club, which hosts a range of events like Indie night and many themed nights such as Rick & Morty party where free T-shirts are given out.

29 March 2018

It was very busy and had lots of good acts. Only wish more welcoming rather than money grabbing. It would be worth doing more inclusive activities to get used to the uni and living away from home.

26 March 2018

The representatives, who were second years, were all incredibly helpful but also became our friends. They are handy providers of advice aswell as our peers. The events were a bit hit and miss but I think that is down to preference. There should be more events like paint parties and silent discos.