Clay Pigeon Shooting


Conner Kearey

The University of Plymouth Shooting club has for a second year in a row raised in excess of £1000 for the charity Mind and Cancer Research UK. This has been down to excellent leadership qualities shown by our Chairman and Secretary . Sami Muthusamy and Jack Rickard. Over the past 18 months they have transformed a sport club generally considered elitist into a mainstream sport accessible to all. This year we have over 60 active members compared to 20 last year, it is one of the fastest growing clubs in the University of Plymouth. They have achieved this by offering a great social scene running numerous events. Further to this, they have made the sport of clay pigeon shooting open to all by working extremely hard to gain sponsorship to decrease the cost to members. Specifically due to their work the club gained a number of grants to purchase a new gun which allowed more inclusion from female members, this has been in the face of increased challenges due to lack of funding from the university. I thank them for all their hard work in creating such a vibrant and enjoyable club. Regards Conner Kearey Captain University of Plymouth Shooting Club