University of Northumbria at Newcastle

Review Breakdown

Move-in Experience
Organisation of Socials
The Events
Value for Money
Freshers' Fair


24 November 2018

Move-in was so a daunting until it came to the actual day. On the day I was greeted with members of the uni to help my transition be seemless and it truly was. Additionally it was an amazing way for me to meet new people who had experienced freshers before.

24 November 2018

It was a good experience with plenty of day time and night one activities available throughout the week.

24 November 2018

I worked Freshers week this year as I had never experienced a freshers week before. Honestly the best experience I have ever had. The people made you feel so welcome and comfortable. Ever day I learned something new and made a new friend. freshers definitely brought me out of my shell and made me more confident in social settings. I would have never dared to go out for Freshers if it wasn't for the people I met during my volunteering for freshers week.

18 June 2018

This week was the most amazing experience ever. I had some of the best nights out of the whole year in Freshers. Amazing week, Highly recommended

17 June 2018

northumbria SU puts on so many events during the week (although it usually lasts a lot longer) and events outside of the SU run every night. its a great week that gets everyone involved

1 May 2018

I joined few freshers events including international party, bar crawl and so on. Those events were awesome and I made lots of amazing friends during freshers week!

19 April 2018

Had a really fun experience meeting new people and enjoying socialising. However I do feel like university is very lonely and they should make more day activities for university as you don’t have much to do during the day if you are not at your lectures. And maybe on site helpers during the first week as you have no idea what to do or where to go within the first week. Overall still fun !

9 April 2018

Moved in early, locked myself out while answering the door but the turn of events lead me to my close friends, as I got invited to a flat party, all I say is if you get locked out first day don't worry, you might meet your best friends.

3 April 2018

There were many nights arranged, although attendance was good, there were not a huge variety of events. Moving in was fun, and there were many ways to meet new students. Freshers mini-events and free things were dotted all over the city it seemed. I would recommend going to as much as you can, especially the freshers fair, which has a large array of societies that are all fantastic.

1 April 2018

Move in was great, uni events weren’t all that good but those organised by the clubs in Newcastle were pretty good. Everyone is dead friendly so you’re always meeting new people and if I could have a tip, just embrace it and enjoy yourself

27 March 2018

The SU put on some good events, but the external night life is hard to compare to in newcastle. With about a month of partying going on you can’t complain.

27 March 2018

It was awesome. Loads of party, met a lot of new people and got to know the city better. Everyone around was excited and that made the experience even better. The thing that made my experience better was the strong impact of a student city, and how strang/nice it is to just walk around and see students everywhere.

26 March 2018

Freshers was good no involvement with outside clubs though! It is fun to do different activities and amstuff like that

26 March 2018

I went out 16 days in a row got absolutely smashed and spent all of my loan. Resutlting in me eating noodles for the full first semester but on a whole was worth it. 5/5 TripAdvisor would definitely recommend.

24 March 2018

Move in was well organised and everyone on the freshers team was friendly and welcoming. Freshers band was a bit overpriced in my opinion , but events were fun

23 March 2018

It was a good week. Easy move in, lots of freshers week activities organised. Lots of free stuff which helped me transition into uni life.

22 March 2018

Really easy transitional process, great nights out meeting new people and having some drinks.The events, including bar crawls were well organised. Induction days were informational and helped to understand the outlay for the course.