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26 November 2018

Fresher's week is more or less the best time to be in manchester. The vibe of the city is nice as many people on the streets. It is lively with many offers and free food. Good exhibitions by university to spread awareness.

26 November 2018

While Manchester nightlife is great, there needed to be more events during the day to get involved it. During Freshers' I often found myself at a loss of things to do that were more organised. No one can deny it's tough being chucked into a new city knowing no one and all of a sudden needing to find friends with which to experience this new place. Maybe friendly sport matched or classes in which you are put into smaller groups so it's easier to get to know new people. It's all so overwhelming and everyone experiences Freshers' differently.

26 November 2018

It was a lot and at first it was overwhelming but later realised I needed everything to be obvious and easily accessed or I would have no idea about all the opportunities available

26 November 2018

The move in was very scary but i loved it once i arrived, the events could of been better and i enjoyed neimg with my flat more than out

26 November 2018

The freshers week was amazing, with lots of events going on throughout both day and evening in which was inclusive to all members of first year. The events were well organised and the nightlife came fairly priced for such an outstanding experience.

Amethyst Johnson
26 November 2018

It was a bit duller than I expected, I think freshers' week gets so hyped up and it struggles to live up to that. It was easy to meet new people, don't be afraid to sit at a random person's table or go to the local pub and meet others like you.

10 July 2018

Freshers week was really helpful to meet more people, find societies and find a lot of free stuff and discounted goods.

6 July 2018

Freshers events weren’t great, weistband events were rubbish and pangea was awful. Move in eperience was good and the freshers fair was decent. Nightlife deff better as the year went on.

6 July 2018

I enjoyed freshers week- lots of free stuff which was great! There were lots of offers on for pizza and gigs that I enjoyed signing up for with friends!

29 June 2018

It was quite hard at the beginning did not know anything not even the language and the events were not very well advertised but the people were amazing and I got as much help as I could get.

11 June 2018

Freshers week was an exciting experience, however many other unis have organised/encouraged freshers to experience a lot more.

10 June 2018

Not very many activities to do that didn't involve drinking or clubbing. I didn't enjoy it at all. Boring during the daytime and nothing at night except drinking. The university should have offered a range of activities for the day and night in order to meet people.

10 June 2018

Everything in fresher's was amazing but some of the parties were a bit over priced for what they ended up being. Otherwise I mostly knew where and when to go somewhere and that there was always something on at night. The fresher's fair was really helpful for finding scoieties

8 June 2018

I made all my lasting friends in freshers, so much to do, so much freebies and savings!!! I don't think i was sober for very long at all. It was amazing, the uni even sent smbassadors on planned nights to make sure things ran smoothly and we could celebrate freshers safely. It was great.

8 June 2018

Freshers week was fun but I wish I had waited until I had arrived before I booked tickets to certain events!

7 June 2018

I stayed in Victoria halls although I applied for all fallowfield halls. VH was average at best. Move in experience was easy though! Worth buying the welcome week wristband, you’ll get to meet all other students and attend Pangea which is very good for freshers although not many others attend

7 June 2018

Freshers was very exciting! I had to move country so it was difficult bringing all my stuff and leaving friends. I met new people the first day. I lived in tower so there were loads of people on my floor to meet. We got takeaway and went out the first night to 256 which was alright but there’s better places. Got a wristband for the events which was a must. We went to a foam party, a frat party night, I think Pangea. It was quite good and necessary to get to know people. Tips: get a door stopper to keep open your door, get people’s sc early on, get a wristband, and you don’t need to bring everything and the kitchen sink, halls are small.

7 June 2018

Great experience at the freshers fair with a very wide range of societies, local retailer's, food options, travel options. All had great hospitality and were friendly and gave very useful advice.

5 June 2018

University of Manchester fresher's week without a doubt is the highlight of my entire university experience atleast in terms of Nightlife. Freshers' week is an incredibly busy time, filled with a mix of social events, fairs and important administrative tasks to complete. The opportunity to get to know your university and make new friends without the pressure of lectures and deadlines is too good to miss. In short - It's cannot be missed.

21 April 2018

Freshers week was fun if you had good people in your halls. When I first moved it was quite isolating. moving in tips would be to get chatting to as many people as possible even if they aren't in your flat.

14 April 2018

Fresher's week is the best time to be in the city. The amount of offers and events set up are really interesting. University does a lot for the students and it's a good time to get out and socialize. Environment makes it comfortable to settle and get adjusted to a new place.

10 April 2018

My move in experience was great, the rest of my house had arrived earlier that day so we were all able to start getting to know eachother over a few drinks. The freshers package offered by the uni was quite expensive and I wasn't sure whether or not many people would be buying it so I decided not to. Think it would have been a good idea so that you can meet people that you wouldn't necessarily run into. Instead there were quite a few flat parties over the week.

4 April 2018

Freshers week was really fun and enjoyable overall. Moving in was really nerve racking but everyone was really friendly and up for going out. The tip about propping your bedroom door open so people can pop in for a chat was really useful! You don't want to look unfriendly. The best night was the first time I went to Antwerp mansion because I hadn't been to a venue like that before.

3 April 2018

So so fun. SU events are the best ones - always full of people and tickets always sold out! Recommend to go for these events than the outsider companies events. People are full of energy and very sociable!